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  1. How does this build look? I am thinking a 500gb cache drive will be for cache/dockers and a dedicated 1TB NVME Gen4 for my VMs in a separate cache pool. I would like to use my primary GPU for VM passthrough. I have read that I can dump the vbios and do so without using another gpu for unraid? If I decide to forgo a second gaming VM would a Quadro P620 - For plex be worth it or will my gpu crunch fine without? VMs (x4 Core 8GB ram each) Leaving 4 core 16gb ram for plex/dockers/NAS
  2. I came in here to peek but quickly had to leave because my wife walked in... I cant hang around the VIP table $$$ I cant play with the big guys until I win the lottery!
  3. Hello all, I am planning out my next big upgrade/build with x2 gaming vms in mind. My daughters currently play minecraft, roblox and sim4 but I would like to give them the ability to play more demanding games with a dedicated gpu with me . Plus I love to tinker and have been itching to build a new server for this purpose. I was sold after watching 2 gamers 1 cpu. Originally I thought maybe going with Ryzen 9 and moving my current unraid NAS setup into an all in one platform. However I have since scrapped that Idea. I dont think that is possible with the number of drives I have without a dedicated HBA which I dont have space for on this build. (This would still be my overall goal but not sure how to accomplish it so ideas are welcome) -- I have x8 hdd + 1 nvme( wanting to add 1 more for mirror cache) + wanted the two dedicated ssd vm boot drives. ** EDIT ** Looking now into threadripper 1920x ----> This is the direction I think I am leaning towards although outdated So for now this will be a separate build (which might not be a bad thing to keep work and play separate) Please look over my build as I am figuring the Ryzen 7 3700x now instead would be the more power efficient way to go. The Build: The server will be located in my data closet and eventually moved to a 4u server chassis. This creates a challenge for what I am trying to accomplish since their desks are not close enough to the server to run outputs directly. I do not want the kids having to remote desktop or stream games via steam/parsec but will always have the option. ***Let me add I am not willing to put my server between their desks. I am not sure how well passing video and usb peripherals over ethernet will work; however, I did find a few videos on youtube that looked promising. So please let me know if any of you have this setup or have experimented with doing this. of course the kids will need mouse keyboards but also would like them to have headsets so we can chat with other family and friends through discord or similar while we game.