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  1. 32GB but only because the old system I used had that already anyway
  2. I get this nag screen using the LG tv app, I have attached an image but missed the 10 second countdown I don’t need or want any of the “premium” features, I’ve read there is a plug-in to use kodi front end with emby, so will look into that
  3. I’d like to add a second parity drive but don’t have a spare drive bay (15 bay all used) I do have a 3tb data drive that has no files on, what would be the best way to remove that and add the new 8tb parity drive Thanks Dave
  4. If it happens again I’ll try and get a screen grab
  5. Only installed it the other day, just run the tv app and there was a ten second countdown with a suggestion to upgrade to premium
  6. Does PLEX have a nag screen like Emby?
  7. Sorry, yes transcode thanks for the reply
  8. Why is it a thing? Or maybe why is it still a thing? why would I stream a film to my tv rather than my tv or blu ray player or raspberry pi etc playing the file/film from the server