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  1. Hi all, Just getting started how to monitor Unraid via Zabbix. Any news on Docker? Thanks
  2. I think i misread your guide "Make sure that your actually plugged in a Monitor or at least a Dummy Plug to your iGPU if you got other dedicated GPU's installed in your system" The dummy Plug is only needed if the system has more than one gpu. That's not my case. Still working on the GVT-G passtrough to the Macos VM, no luck yet!
  3. I really mean the VM output. Thanks for the answer, and for this awesome work. I've been realy waiting for this to enable Mac+Win+ArchLinux VMs on my NUC. I will only need the output from windows or linux, since it will be connected to a TV. The other ones will be acessed by RDP/VNC/Apple Remote. I supose that i will need also a dummy plug, since the actual integrated HDMI port will be disconnected.
  4. is it possible to use a gtv-g gpu as the main graphics output?