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  1. Wow, I was not expecting a difference for the passmark to be that huge between the 10900K and 3900X. All local clients will be direct stream and maybe 3-4 remote 1080P streams from HEVC sources (1080p). Good tip on the P2000 - I will keep this in mind. What concerns me now is the stability and uptime between the 10900K and 3900X. Kinda moot point if the server crashes or hangs often. I am betting many concerns and posts are from first time setup (some not all). I did some reading and found VM gaming with 4/6 cores with concurrent transcoding with Plex (
  2. Thanks for the tip. That is why I am torn between Intel 10900K abd the Ryzen 3900X. I am leaning towards the 3900X if I can transcode 3-4 1080 streams via software.
  3. Thanks for the input. I will just swap out the RTX 3080 with my personal desktop RTX 2070 if there is any compatibility issues. I never found any information if I can transcode via CPU only on a 3900X for Emby and Plex. I assume it should. I did read a few posts scattered that transcoding some streams does not affect the VM gaming experience so that is encouraging. I do hope to use at least 6 cores 12 threads for the gaming VM so I should have plenty left for everything else. Linus was doing proper troubleshooting based on what I have read - adding a 3rd
  4. Hi guys, my first post here and hope you guys bear with me. I am struggling to decide on whether to go with a Ryzen 3900X build vs Intel 10900K build. I am listing my current parts but I can return the unopened components to switch platforms. I am hoping to a have a stable system with decent uptime so I will not need to reboot every so often. My ideal parts: - Ryzen 3900X or 3900XT - Gigabyte Aorus Master X570 - got it - 4 x Corsair LPX Vengeance 16GB 3200Mhz memory - got it - Nvidia 3080 if an when it is available - 2 x WD SN750 black 1TB NVME - got it - 4 x Seagate