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  1. Well that's less exciting than I was hoping for.
  2. Anyone else here know where I can find out more information about this change? Thanks!
  3. Yeah, shouldn't there be a repo somewhere for us to check? It's GPL'd code...
  4. Would it be possible for me to find out more information from somewhere? I'd really rather not abandon this thing unless I have to...
  5. I'll be damned. That's it. Anything I can do? When was this added? I'd like to roll back and test (unless you're sure that's the issue). While I doubt it matters, this is the one I purchased.
  6. I'll be damned, you're right. Is there anything you can think of that would have changed with USB in the last month or so? I just did a quick CTRL+F for USB on the latest 6.11 releases, and I don't see anything obvious. I'm quite positive this worked without issue before.
  7. Everything there looks good. The only thing it seems I can't test is an external USB 3.2 enclosure with a couple of drives in it. While that might sound crazy, I tested it extensively when adding it about 6 months ago and it's seemingly working fine. Unless maybe there were some USB changes in one of the latest point releases?
  8. I was on vacation, so I didn't stop it. Yes, it had been running for 4 days (and needed 4-8 more, I don't remember). And when I start it now, I get the same speed.
  9. It used to be around 170-200MB/s until very recently. I run a Plex server and Plex was also running terribly when the Parity was running, which is also a new problem.
  10. So I've been having a ton of wifi issues. I saw mention that someone fixed their issues by setting up the controller in an Ubuntu VM. All my problems are seemingly gone after doing the same. I would agree that there appears to be some sort of issue with this container. Cliffs: If you're having issues, try installing the software into a VM.
  11. Any ideas what could be wrong here? It's been running fine for quite a while...
  12. Apologies for bumping an old thread, but how would one see controller temps?
  13. It seems that (randomly?) during some Unraid updates, my Disk Shutdown time-out gets reset to 90 seconds. This obviously causes unclean shutdowns. Am I doing something wrong?
  14. So I think I now have more questions... I don't see anything in the tips and tweaks plugin about RAM cache. The only thing I see is Disk Cache settings. And while I promise I read your links, I'm not sure I understand how disk shares work. Does that get rid of the fuse filesystem thing that makes cache + array look like one thing? What do I *lose* by switching to disk shares?
  15. I was able to get it to reboot, but it seems Unraid thought it was an unclean shutdown, as parity check is running. Thanks, your description of cache disk full makes sense. Do you see any obvious errors that would prevent me from rebooting the server in a normal amount of time. For a bit more info, I'm having some performance issues (slow/no downloads) with my nzbget container that I'm troubleshooting.