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  1. Isn't the ICR already inside the container? I have no idea how this stuff works.
  2. Whoops, I stand corrected. Plex may work with the 1.27.2 release.
  3. So in theory the recent Plex Pass version has the newest Alder Lake fixes. I haven't tested it, but along with the 5.18 kernel, it *might* work.
  4. FWIW, Plex has 'fixed' it. The fix has cleared QA and should be to us Docker folks soon. If you run Ubuntu, then the fix is already in this thread. edit: Now enough Alder Lake!
  5. I tried switching over to the official one and I can't even start the setup on that one. It just says that it can't connect to it. I'm useless. LOL
  6. Tried with VAAPI enabled and got the same error. Clearly I'm doing something wrong here. 😐
  7. I assume I should grab your "Jellyfin-AMD-Intel-Nvidia" container? EDIT: If so, I get the following error when trying to transcode. I passed in /dev/dri, and enabled QS for the formats specified in your Docker readme. This was attempted in the browser. I think I've done everything correctly, but I've never used Jellyfin before.
  8. I don't know the first thing about Jellyfin, but will try to get it setup. FWIW, I've been monitoring this thread and it seems like the Plex guys have figured out the right ingredients to make Plex work with Alder Lake.
  9. I'm using binhex-plexpass. I can't imagine that its actually the container that's the issue, but does anyone else have issues with the linuxserver container?
  10. You probably know more than me, but I'm pretty sure that @limetech said recently that it would be based on 5.17. Since you just corrected me, I'm likely totally wrong though. lol edit: I went back and looked at the post I was thinking of, and as I'm sure you know - I was wrong.
  11. I believe that @limetech has already stated that 6.11 will be based on 5.17. Hopefully by the time we get it, many of the 5.18 changes (especially for Alder Lake) will have been backported. Otherwise, you can try running 5.18 by using @thor2002ro's custom kernel. However, I can tell you that 5.18 doesn't currently fix it.
  12. I'm voting for lucky somehow. 6.10 final with the 5.18RC kernel crashed my *entire* server as soon I started a transcoding sync job. I'm running an Alder Lake 12600