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  1. You need to blacklist the i915 driver. Not sure if that will fix your issue though. I'd ask over in the intel-gpu-top thread.
  2. Weird. Mine crashed the entire server. Since it was an unclean shutdown, I'm now going through a parity check. FML
  3. Not sure this is worth reporting, since I'm using edge/unsupported stuff, however... In 6.10RC8, I was using @thor2002ro's 5.18RC7 kernel to get the most out of my Alder Lake processor. If I enabled the iGPU for transcoding, it would crash the container. Now with 6.10 Final, not only does it crash the container, but it also crashes the Unraid UI. I was able to SSH in and reboot the server.
  4. So 6.10 Final with the 5.18RC7 kernel seems to be a step backwards for me. When enabling the iGPU for Plex, it not only crashed the Plex container, but also crashed the Unraid UI. I had to SSH in and restart the server. edit: That said, the kernel seems to be working fine with the normal CPU transcoding.
  5. You do not. Although if you have Intel_gpu_top installed, I don't think that line is required. I think all you need is blacklist=i915. @ich777Is that correct?
  6. oh! Well I didn't know that was out! My apologies. It is not current then. I would assume it is the same, but won't have time to test until later today.
  7. The patch number stays the same. The instructions are current.
  8. If anyone else wants to try @thor2002ro's latest kernel, its very simple. Backup your USB drive. You're very unlikely to screw up, but you should be doing this anyway Download the latest kernel from Download the latest firmware file from Note: this isn't always included with every release. As of this writing, the latest firmware file is found under 5.18rc2 20220412 o3 clang14 thin LTO 6.9.2. Power down your Unraid server and plug the USB drive into your computer. In the root of the drive, move or rename the following files: bzimage, bzimage.sha256, bzmodules, bzmodules.sha256, bzfirmware, bzfiremware.sha256 Unzip and move all the downloaded files into the root of the USB drive. Open /syslinux/syslinux.cfg in a text editor. Look for the following entry: label Unraid OS menu default kernel /bzimage append initrd=/bzroot and add md_mod.unraid_patch=22 to the append section. It should look like this: label Unraid OS menu default kernel /bzimage append initrd=/bzroot md_mod.unraid_patch=22 Note: Pay attention to the release notes from @thor2002ro as that Unraid patch number may change! 8. Plug the USB drive back into the server and start her up! 9. Profit.
  9. So I just tested @thor2002ro's 5.18RC7 kernel. It gave me hope. I transcoded a movie for about 10 minutes without issue. Previous to this the Plex container would crash after a couple of minutes. But then I did a sync/download stress test and it crashed. So its not there yet, but things are getting better!
  10. I'm pretty sure I've done that, yes. I don't think this is a Plex problem though, as it happens in anything else that attempts to use the iGPU with Alder Lake. I just tried with the 5.18RC7 linux kernel and its much better, but still crashes.
  11. BTW, while the iGPU still doesn't work in 5.18, the CPU transcoding performance is MUCH better. If you're okay with swapping the kernel, I would highly recommend it.
  12. I'm running a 12600. And yeah, nothing I've tried works.
  13. Yep, its from @thor2002ro! I'd be happy to shoot them over to ya. The good thing is that it doesn't hard crash the server, only the Plex container. You want a PM, or post em here?
  14. That's what I said. Running 5.18RC5 (with Unraid 6.10RC7) and the iGPU still doesn't work. Hopefully they will *eventually* fix it.
  15. As somewhat expected unblacklisting and trying both: options i915 enable_guc=2 options i915 enable_guc=0 failed
  16. I shall try this. I think intel_gpu_top blacklists the driver automatically (or *something* is on my server). So I'll need to remove that first. edit: GPU Statistics and intel_gpu_top are gone, and I have no idea what's force blacklisting it. I remove it from modprobe, reboot, it comes back. Is Unraid doing it?
  17. This suggests that it does. Just to confirm, that setting should work irregardless of the blacklist?
  18. What is the purpose of blacklisting the i915 drivers? Any chance they work with RC7 and the 5.18 kernel? I've seen some suggestions that adding "options i915 enable_guc=2" makes QS work, but I assume that command means nothing if we're blacklisting the drivers.