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  1. i thought i had found the solution to my idea too :( no luck
  2. Is the SMB access control new? Seems like adding it to ftp/sftp would be very similar. I guess in the end i would need a plugin/docker other than the basic ssh one to be able to achieve my goal. Now to find the right one.
  3. kind of. I have zerotier setup so it's not exactly open to the world, but it can be accessed remotely from outside my home. The idea is for a classic ftp server but with proper security.
  4. i did notice that it's pretty easy to setup permissions there. Although for some reason it seems to not like me lately and doesn't want to be seen by any device in my lan. I'm not against smb, but i'm so used to SFTP for this kind of use that i'd like to keep going.
  5. for streaming plex is great (and that's what everybody other than me use when connecting to my server), although sftp is faster to start. For file transfers (like when somebody wants to put a movie or get some software from my server), i'd rather go sftp than smb since it doesn't require a difficult setup. Just open winscp, tell the user the ip, login info and they're done. But that's where security comes in, i'm hoping to be able to create unraid users with different permissions so they only have access to certain parts or can only read and no write.
  6. alright that makes sense. SMB is definitely better when working on stuff. Now for media streaming (already have plex, but sftp is more stable locally) or moving, Sftp seems to be a superior solution since you just need to open an app like winScp and copy/delete/move the files without having the user add it to their windows system.
  7. Hello people that know more than me. Excuse me if this has already been posted, i did try to find it but no luck. I noticed most people use SMB for all their media and data sharing purpose. Is there something wrong with using sftp instead? If there's no issue with it, would it be possible to set share access permissions by user? Such as making a read only user or one access only certain shares?