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  1. Hi everyone, I’m having issue getting macinabox to work. Not sure what I did wrong, followed space invader video but I notice in the logs that big sur is not downloading nor VM tab shows any Mac vm. Anyone able to help? TIA!
  2. tested on my unraid setup, its works! thanks!
  3. Hi Squid, Thanks for your advise. So i config my core allocation as 0/4 unassigned, and from 1/5,2/6,3/7 i assign on my Ubuntu and Windows 10. Edit: i notice when both ubuntu and windows 10 are using the same core assignment. Both OS becomes very laggy.
  4. Hi, Sorry, newbie question. I did search around but cant find a right answer. I've just create my first unraid using my old desktop. Its running on i7-6700 CPU with 32GB ram. I plan to create 2 VM. Windows 10 + Ubuntu. As for the core assign can i set both windows 10 and ubuntu to use the same core assignment? Ie. 1/5,2/6,3/7. Or i will need to use different core for different VM (Windows 10 = 1/5,2/6) (Ubuntu = 3/7) From thread i understand that i should leave 0/1 untouch as unraid will be using those core for optimal performance