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  1. tested on my unraid setup, its works! thanks!
  2. Hi Squid, Thanks for your advise. So i config my core allocation as 0/4 unassigned, and from 1/5,2/6,3/7 i assign on my Ubuntu and Windows 10. Edit: i notice when both ubuntu and windows 10 are using the same core assignment. Both OS becomes very laggy.
  3. Hi, Sorry, newbie question. I did search around but cant find a right answer. I've just create my first unraid using my old desktop. Its running on i7-6700 CPU with 32GB ram. I plan to create 2 VM. Windows 10 + Ubuntu. As for the core assign can i set both windows 10 and ubuntu to use the same core assignment? Ie. 1/5,2/6,3/7. Or i will need to use different core for different VM (Windows 10 = 1/5,2/6) (Ubuntu = 3/7) From thread i understand that i should leave 0/1 untouch as unraid will be using those core for optimal performance