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  1. Blade

    Remove one SSD from cache pool

    As always Johnnie - thank you
  2. I currently have 3 256GB SSDs in my cache pool I would like to remove one of them from the pool and just use 2 cache drives in the pool Is there a way to do this and make sure that any data on the drive I am going to remove from the pool does not have any files on it? Thanks
  3. Blade

    [Support] Linuxserver.io - Letsencrypt (Nginx)

    It seems to be ok the last few times I have shut it down I am keeping an eye on it
  4. Blade

    [Support] Linuxserver.io - Letsencrypt (Nginx)

    I use Chrome I do not use Edge or Firefox
  5. I have followed Spaceinvaders video on setting up the VM but I am wondering if there are any other things in Windows 10 that can be disabled to limit the number processes running in the task manager If there is a topic on this I apologize I am trying to get my Win 10 Gaming VM running the best it can I have assigned it 4 cores and those cores are isolated Looking for suggestions Thanks
  6. Blade

    [Support] Linuxserver.io - Letsencrypt (Nginx)

    I have been noticing that letsencrypt most times does not want to stop properly and it thinks it has stopped but unraid still says it is running Only way to fix it is to stop and start the docker system Anyone one seeing this?
  7. Looks like 2 SSD cables were bad - strange but fixed
  8. Can someone please help I moved my 3 SSD cache drives to my motherboard SATA ports so that I could get trim working I had them connected to my LSI SAS9211-i8 card and they were working fine but I heard trim does not work with those cards so that is why I moved them to motherboard SATA ports Motherboard is a Supermicro X8DTH-6F Now the dockers and VMs will not load at all (they are on the SSDs) HELP I have attached diagnostics
  9. Blade

    Upgrade more than one HDD at a time

    Excellent - I appreciate the response johnnie
  10. I have 2 parity drives I have 2 HDDs I would like to upgrade. Can I upgrade both of them at the same time or does it have to be done one at a time I have moved all of the data off of them so both of them are empty Thanks
  11. Blade

    [Plug-In] unBALANCE

    I updated unraid to 6.6.0 and now it seems to work OK Odd but I will take the win
  12. Blade

    [Plug-In] unBALANCE

    Hmmm I tried a CTRL F5 in chrome - still nothing
  13. Blade

    [Plug-In] unBALANCE

    OK I will try that once I am home from work
  14. Blade

    [Plug-In] unBALANCE

    Here is the version I have I get a web page saying "This site can’t be reached" If I add https:// to it then it works
  15. Blade

    [Plug-In] unBALANCE

    Thanks for the update - amazing tool When I click the Open Web UI link it loads the page as http which does not work for some reason If I change it to https then it loads up What am I doing wrong?