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  1. Yeah, thanks. I think maybe it's the kernel version I'm on that's the issue. I'm running on a NAS that I believe is running version 4.14. Perhaps that's the problem.
  2. I added the variable VPN_CLIENT=wireguard. Is there another variable I should add? Thanks for your reply
  3. Hello, I'm trying to use wireguard, but I'm running into trouble, my log says: [#] ip link delete dev wg0 2020-10-11 17:13:18,187 DEBG 'start-script' stderr output: Cannot find device "wg0" 2020-10-11 17:13:18,187 DEBG 'start-script' stdout output: [warn] WireGuard interface failed to come 'up', exit code is '1' Can anyone help me, please? Thanks
  4. Hi Chadwick, Thanks for your reply. I put 4 or 5 servers on the ovpn file. And they all seem to behave the same. I'm using next gen servers and portforwarding seems to be working. Both openvpn and wireguard produce the same result, although with wireguard I can reach higher speeds. I can reach good upload speeds, 10MB+. My problem is it seems to "choke" while downloading something above 20MB speed.
  5. Hi everyone, Perhaps someone can help me, please. I have this container running on a NAS (Nimbustor 4). I have a gigabit connection. With VPN (PIA) turned on I can reach around 25MB max download speed. The problem I'm having is that while downloading near the top limit the upload speed drops to practically 0. If I throttle the download speed to around 10MB the upload is fine. Is this normal? Is this a hardware limitation or maybe there's some setting I can change to improve this? Thank you.