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  1. Just got a first kernel panic on R2. What is the best way to make these logs persist so I can share it if it happens again? I have a picture of the console screen from the attached monitor but I assume there isn't enough info on it to be useful.
  2. I have also experienced a kernel panic. I don’t have any logs collecting but I took a picture of the console when it happened. Not sure if there is enough there to be useful though... I am not running any Nvidia drivers. Only using Intel IGPU.
  3. Is anyone else having issues with their virtual machines disappearing from the dashboard after starting any of your VMs?
  4. Thanks for the writeup and sending that over. For what it's worth I took the line back out for the aio write size to let it default to on. I tested with aio write off and on and it didn't seem to make a difference. I put aio read into the extras file as you suggested and it is working as expected, so all is good with that. I guess if other people have the same controller they will just have to do the same. I'd assume it is fairly common controller. Perhaps the fix could be documented somewhere so others can find it. It is strange that this particular control
  5. Nice! That makes a ton of sense why your's was working then on the same hardware. Do you know if it is preferable to make these changes in the smb.conf file vs the Samba extra settings? I imagine the smb.conf can be overwritten when updates come out possibly whereas the Samba extra settings would persist?
  6. I figured out the problem. I compared the smb.conf between beta 25 and 30 and the only difference was that the lines below were missing. In 25 there is even a comment in the file about how they are probably not needed anymore. After I put the lines back in on beta 30, file transfers worked as expected on my array on the LSI crd. I seems they are still needed for some reason and should probably be added back in. aio read size = 0 aio write size = 4096
  7. I have unassigned devices connected to the onboard SATA and my nvme cache drive that are both performing normally if I read from them over Samba in terms of CPU usage as well as speeds. Seems to be only devices attached to the HBA...
  8. ** Update, I tested this out on a few of the past beta releases and the problem outlined below began in 6.9.29 and remains a problem in 6.9.30. I tested 6.9.25 and I had expected read speeds of around 150MB/s over smb from the drives on my H310 LSI card. This is my first post on this forum so please let me know if there is a separate place to report these bugs. I'm running a Broadcom / LSI SAS2008 PCI-Express Fusion-MPT SAS-2 [Falcon] (rev 03) and the card does show up, however it cut my read speeds over Samba nearly in half, it also spikes my CPU usage way up compared