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  1. Thanks civic95man....it was the "fast boot"!
  2. Greetings I have been told that my share setup isn't the best way to allocate as I have one share called "Media" and under that assorted media folders i.e., TV Shows, Movies, Sports, etc. Actually have about 57 folders under the "Media" Share, but don't want to make all of these shares, just the major folders. Soooooo, how do I get those folders out from under "media" into their own shares with losing data? Thanks
  3. I'm going to keep this more streamlined by not putting boinc or Krusader back in. MC works well enough for now. Everything else was just nice to have or "cool" clutter. I think it's finally, finally, streamlined and back to where it will run more smoothly...again, you're a genius! THANKS!!! My headache tomorrow will be to figure out why my reboot gets hung up........
  4. I just added diskspeed and it automatically went to that location....looks like it's all pointing to the correct locations as I add them so far
  5. I guess all I can say is it works for me this way and Plex never seemed to mind so I went with it
  6. Changed the appdata config path and applied.....went to plex, all is well!! You are a genuis!
  7. I just say up folders under media for each of those various topic folders under. I physically set them up that way because, plex actually worked pretty smoothly that way. What you see is what I set up. I'll change the appdata config and get back to you
  8. thinking /mnt/cache/appdata/plex-media-server for appdata config path
  9. I'm pretty sure you want to see the host path and appdata config path so first shot is host path(s), 2nd is appdata....appdata config will need to be changed for sure!
  10. MC stopped, the folder isn't in the media share anymore but is in the /mnt/cache/appdata/ soooooo, hopefully it was successful.
  11. Ooops, forgot about that....mc is moving them now...let you know when it's done!