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  1. Yes I did mean you Johnie....thanks a bunch. Like the idea of no scripts and hopefully, won't need to flash either
  2. Three Eight Eight.....I forgot to ask you an important question. Based upon your reply, I picked up a LSI Logic LSI00344 9300-8i SGL With my previous RocketRaid controller, I needed to insert a line of script with the hardware code into my boot file. Is that needed (I assume so) for this board and if so, what do I need to put in? Thank you again for the help and kindness
  3. isrdude

    MOBO with Intel I219V network adapter

    OUTSTANDING....thanks guys!
  4. Has anyone purchased a MOBO with the Intel 1219V LAN? It's not in the network compatibility list as of yet. Wondering if anyone has tried using it with uNRAID v6.5.3 and if so, what did you need to do to get it working....thanks in advance
  5. Decided to upgrade uNRAID box to an Intel Core i7-7820x CPU riding on an ASUS ROG STRIX X299-E board that has an Intel x299 chipset. My RocketRAID 2720SGL doesn't seem to work with this configuration. Any thoughts on a new SATA controller that can work with this? Thanks
  6. SOLVED: It was an overload problem! If you have a huge movie collection (3000 or so) and set up one folder to move at once, the data transfer and looking for metadata will overwhelm the router. WiFi was inop and then I had trouble with hardwire internet connections. Had to resort to reset router to factory and start over. Now I transfer in batches of 200. It WORKS! Also have remote connectivity while transfers are happening. Everything now working as it should!
  7. That's what I said, it doesn't make sense but my connected devices didn't go down until plex started processing. Yes, my server is hard wired. Rechecked and still in green with remote connectivity. None of my smart home or amazon echo/dot's will connect. My smart phone won't even connect. Completely baffled as I've tried to reboot the router, turn off then on the radios....nothing. Not sure if there is another setting that could be causing issue or not other than port forward and that shouldn't impact anything either. Talked to another plex owner who has had it setup for years and he has never come across anything like this. Thanks
  8. After a few challenges, I finally was able to get plex up and running, able to remotely access, and start processing my library. Problem is, now my wifi network is down. I'm on Fios with my fios router set to bridge and using a Netgear Nighthawk r8000 router as primary. Everything worked until I started to have plex process my library(s). Thoughts by chance? Thanks gang
  9. I'll apologize up front if this is the wrong area or if it has already been addressed. Searched but couldn't find anything addressing the issue I go through my routers configuration setup for OPENVPN and I must download and load the config files into my folder for the router. Then unRaid 6.35 setup, following space invaders video, tells me to do the same with unraid to send config files into the openvpn config folder. Wouldn't that create a conflict that would not allow it openvpn to run? Also, the video did a opened the connection. You can't do that from within the network your working on, correct? I tried and of course, it didn't connect. First time doing this and struggling. My first issue was a double NAT problem that I overcame. I know I'm close to solution but not sure. Thanks for y'all's patience
  10. isrdude


    Petta....as it turned out, I tore into the motherboard and found that one of the memory sticks burned out on me. Had the same thing happen on my secondary server too. It turns out that the collar to hold the cpu heatsink/fan clamped to the cpu broke on one side and needed to be replaced. Only way I found out the problems on both was actually taking everything out and apart. On the memory, I had to go one by one and slot by slot to ensure it was a stick and not the slot. Time consuming but what can you do? ON the collar, only way to spot it was to tear into the case and detach the heatsink/fan. When I went to reattach that is how I found the crack that caused it to be loose and not sit completely tight on the CPU
  11. isrdude


    Here is my diagnostics zip....pulling my hair out on this as I'm running a tower with exactly the same MOBO, CPU, and unRaid 6. It hasn't had a hiccup yet. I've changed out my heatsink and now I'm wondering if I have a CPU issue or could it originate with a bad flashstick that isn't running program properly. Drives were ones transferred from first tower, formatted, precleared, then loaded. Plenty of power since I'm running 800 watts and plenty of cooling. Driving me nuts! tower2-diagnostics-20150907-0709.zip
  12. isrdude


    Has anyone seen this error message that shuts down the server? rcu_preempt kthread starved for 18075 jiffies I'm running unraid 6 and have never seen this error before in my other unraid 6 box. Have no idea where to go with this other than a reboot
  13. isrdude

    SATA Controller Cards

    I've been using the HighPoint RocketRaid 2740SGL since Nov 2012. Not one hiccup yet. Here is the ID line to script into enable_achi.sh: # 11032720 : Marvell 88SE9485 on HPT RocketRAID 2740SGL Hope this helps somebody as this controller has been stable and reliable since day 1 (Once I figured out, with a LOT of forum help, how to and where to script as well as getting correct identifier
  14. For a RocketRaid 2740 insert the following line with this Identifier: # 11032720 : Marvell 88SE9485 on HPT RocketRAID 2740SGL