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  1. You are correct! Thanks. I change settings and actually, finally, got to apps. Thank you all!
  2. And that is my dilemma...I have no clue. It was there before I put in the new drive....it was there when....had to reboot with updated unRaid version (6.8.0) and then it was gone
  3. Hmmmm, I stopped VM services and Docker, but can't access the network settings to change it. Not sure how it set up to my routers gateway....interesting BUt, any ideas how to get the page up to change address?
  4. I'd like to chat about that after I get this all sorted out and can at least access apps and dockers
  5. Wasn't a rebuild disk. Was disk that was already mounted. Didn't reformat it just appeared as in the screen. how can I recover my data? Any ideas?
  6. Had a drive die on me....so replaced it via the replace drive features. New drive shows up, but issues with another drive No problem, pop the top off and check connections again. Everything went great, parity check started and new drive was built BUT One of my other drives showed up as empty!!!! Waaaaa? Started parity check again. No data written to the drive In windows, when I go to the location, it shows nothing on the drive, but as you can see from screen shot, I have complete data and parity. Running another parity check now but now sure what the heck is going on. Diagnostics attached Thanks gang tower2-diagnostics-20191217-1904.zip
  7. First hint of trouble was when I had to manually get the key installed as I got network failure messages Got the key installed booted, found all my data there and when I tried to access Plex from plex.tv or from docker GUI, nada. That led me to think delete, reinstall, plex docker and apps. Which is where I got to where I couldn't install the CA to get the tab so I could reinstall dockers. Now dead in water...here are diagnostics Thanks for the assist! :) tower-diagnostics-20191217-1231.zip
  8. Recently, I had to obtain a new key and flash drive to get my array back up and running. Discovered none of my dockers work nor are my plugins there. No worries, I just pasted in Squids link to get community apps and the tab back.....Didn't work, said there was a network failure. Ideas? I'm pretty much dead without my plex docker or my apps.
  9. I bought a new key, paid for it and received this: Unfortunately there was an error when generating your key. We've received your payment but had a hiccup on our end. Please use the button below to send us your order details. We will resolve this for you as soon as possible. We apologize for the inconvenience. Order #: 1005526 What gives?
  10. I just had a brain malfunction and haven't recovered....where am I going to get 6.7.3-rc3???
  11. I tried having the appdata on disk1 using 6.7.2....when that corrupted, I rebuilt by having appdata on cache drive while still running 6.7.2 and binhex-plexpass. Rebuilt again on cache and rolled back to 6.6.7 about 4 weeks or so ago and still using binhex-plexpass. Not a problems since with any corruption issues. Afraid to try 6.7.3-rc2 since everything is going so well with 6.6.7. I have a backup tower that is running 6.7.2 that I could run 6.7.2-rc3 and then load plex to see what happens. Won't matter on the backup if DB corrupts. I'll consider and let you know if I do and the outcome!
  12. I had to rollback yesterday because of the broken update...all was fine until a few hours ago. My movie library shows up as "There are no items in this library" when I launch Plex from the docker image on unraid. The files are there as the desktop app shows them, but not via the gui. I updated to the just released fixed docker app. Didn't fix the problem. Anyone see this in the past and have a clue how to fix? Thanks
  13. Where I noticed the performance gain was in the metadata matching! I switched to mounting dockers in cache drive first, before I rolled back. It took almost a full day for my movie collection to fetch all the metadata. After another crash, I kept dockers on the cache drive, rolled back to UNRAID 6.6.7. When I started rebuilding the libraries, my metadata downloading was a lot faster. I had same config as always in PLEX but I was then able to tag my movies, music, and tv shows all in under 12 hours. NEVER had this happen before. We're talking a 16TB library here. I know the cache drive helped quite a bit, but until the rollback, never saw rebuilds that were this fast.
  14. I did, I copy pasted it over to your new thread
  15. I too have experienced the corruption issue with my Plex DBs. Sooooo, I took the first suggestion and changed my appdata location to /mnt/disk1....rebuilt everything....lasted for not even 28 hours before I was back to corrupted DBs. I deleted everything related to Plex Docker, started over using binhex-PlexPass, set appdata location to /mnt/disk1....corrupted again, but lasted for 2 days this time. Back to the drawing board, same set up with binhex-PlexPass and location, BUT, returned my UNRAID to 6.6.7. Everything is running stable so far now for 3 days. Here's what I found when I went to the logs to see what was causing the issue First, everything was relatively stable until I started added media content to my library After a few loads, I would see that the media was being updated into Plex even though it was on the drive and in proper Plex format Next, when I went to my TV Shows, it would show zero seasons, but if you clicked on the thumbnail, to go to the individual season folders, they'd be there, go back to home and then try to get back, you couldn't! It would show library as empty. If I went to movie folder and clicked on it, I would see the movies I had without the ones I just loaded. When I went back to home, all the sudden my movie library showed as zero. In both cases, TV Shows and Movies, once they showed zero, then all the library folders showed zero content and I would get the gray screen of death. Looked at log files, and sure enough, in every corruption case, it shows Sqlite errors, Seems with what I'm seeing now, defining the appdata location to cache or diskX, and going back to unraid 6.6.7 is the way to go. I just hope this gets fixed on the Sqlite side as I'm nervouse that this could only be a band-aid if Plex alters some of their coding. I hope this provides some more data to help fix the issue.