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  1. isrdude

    MyMediaForAlexa docker

    I also see after the scan that the count is zero
  2. isrdude

    MyMediaForAlexa docker

    I have but when I ask Alexa to find anything it tells me it can't find whatever I ask for it to play. I see the folders in the itunes library for specific artist and the albums and tracks within the folders. Do I need to break out all of that individually? thanks
  3. isrdude

    MyMediaForAlexa docker

    That's where my problem all started is with MyMedia ForAlexia. My folders are all on my unraidsever as is my itunes xml. When I click on MMFA webgui, and then go to itunes library, I get the I get the "add iTunes Library XML". I get stopped cold. I type in path and nada. I've point copy of XML both on unRAID and left on my c: drive....neither way works Somewhere, I've got the set up balled up in a mess
  4. isrdude

    MyMediaForAlexa docker

    That may be the issue as I have been trying to point to the xml where my iTunes is located but the library folders are on the server. What software would you suggest to act as the iTunes server on UnRAID to get around this? Thanks again
  5. isrdude

    MyMediaForAlexa docker

    itimpi......How did you get the iTunes XML set up? I easily downloaded app via CA and pointed the app to my library, but can't get past the XML setup so I can configure the console....Thanks in advance
  6. isrdude

    Successful Core i7 Build

    I have heard the masses speak!!!!! Here are a few pictures. You can see in one pic the overall height and width of the box. Inside, you can see it's pretty jammed in there to fit 10 storage drives, parity drive, GPU, SAS Controller, and Heat Sink/Fan. Every spot I could within the I put fans. You can't see them, for the most part, but they are tucked away to give venting anywhere possible. Soooooo, all of the equipment, plus the cabling led to a cramped box. So far though, no cooling issues at all. Zero!!!
  7. isrdude

    Successful Core i7 Build

    Sorry xavierda, haven't tried that. I'm using this machine strictly as a high density, high usage media storage and Plex server.
  8. isrdude

    Successful Core i7 Build

    Working on it....when I get cables for the new SAS Controller
  9. Wanted to help folks looking to build or upgrade...... I just ungraded my tower to an intel core i7-7820x ASUS ROG STRIX X299-E MOBO Corsair Vengeance LPX 16gb RAM Cooler Master Hyper RR 212E-20PK-R2 LED CPU Cooler ZOTAC GeForce GTX 1060 Mini, ZT-P10600A-10L, 6GB GDDR5 VR Ready Super Compact Gaming Graphics Card (old board ran vid off of mobo so needed something) Currently running an old Rocket Raid SAS controller while waiting for cables for LSI Logic LSI00344 9300-8i SGL SAS 8Port 12Gb/s PCIE3.0 HBA Controller Box is running with 10 assorted sized WD Red drives totaling 39TB of storage And of course, Unraid 6.6.0 ZERO problems so far. In fact, did a test run today and managed to run via PLEX 9 simultaneous BluRay movies from the stored media on the box. Only tweaking was done in the BIOS. I updated BIOS version before I rebuilt the box and once the mobo was in, just needed to adjust boot sequence and RAM frequency. THANKS to all who helped me out and answered my questions. This has been a great stable build so far and vast improvement over my 8 year old mobo/processor setup. Hope this helps somebody else out!
  10. Yes I did mean you Johnie....thanks a bunch. Like the idea of no scripts and hopefully, won't need to flash either
  11. Three Eight Eight.....I forgot to ask you an important question. Based upon your reply, I picked up a LSI Logic LSI00344 9300-8i SGL With my previous RocketRaid controller, I needed to insert a line of script with the hardware code into my boot file. Is that needed (I assume so) for this board and if so, what do I need to put in? Thank you again for the help and kindness
  12. isrdude

    MOBO with Intel I219V network adapter

    OUTSTANDING....thanks guys!
  13. Has anyone purchased a MOBO with the Intel 1219V LAN? It's not in the network compatibility list as of yet. Wondering if anyone has tried using it with uNRAID v6.5.3 and if so, what did you need to do to get it working....thanks in advance
  14. Decided to upgrade uNRAID box to an Intel Core i7-7820x CPU riding on an ASUS ROG STRIX X299-E board that has an Intel x299 chipset. My RocketRAID 2720SGL doesn't seem to work with this configuration. Any thoughts on a new SATA controller that can work with this? Thanks