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  1. No idea. Was searching for that myself both here and on Plex. Supposedly, it can be done but it appears to me, it wouldn't delete your files or alter them, but you'd have to go through the entire process of loading the docker image and creating paths, containers, etc....which means all your data will need to back through Metadata search and tagging.
  2. Has anyone notice with latest plex build (Version that Plex will stop when uploading files or adding new library? Never seen it do that before. Simple fix, just go to dashboard and restart but........
  3. JohnathanM.....great news! I shut down, pulled the plug, went to off on the psu, pulled the LSI card, turned back on rebooted. Got errors, many in fact, as I expected. Powered down, pulled plug and turned off psu again, replaced LSI card, hooked power back in, powered up, and Voila! Now have all good disk showing and unit went straight to parity sync! Best of all, the disk that was nothing but read errors is running without error!! I'm thinking I'm buying some new cables!
  4. Sigh, while I was waiting, I did that. Went to new config, check the box that I wanted to do that....selected it...went back to array and nothing. Still the same issue. Tried a reboot, and still the same. Nothing is working and I'm about ready to see how far an unraid array can fly
  5. I'm sorta thinking best move would be to power completely down, to include pulling the plug, pull out and reseat the LSI controller, then reattach the cables. Just not sure if that will make matters worse or do nothing.
  6. Nope! Like I said, complete new install. Haven't gotten to the data loading stage yet....thankfully.
  7. Here goes.....I recently had 2 major drive failures. That's OK as I had new ones to put in and besides that, some of the drives were old and I wanted to replace them any way. Sooooo, I started from a completely new, clean install. Everything went great was able to preclear drives, format, etc. Got to parity sync and all started well except for one drive when read was coming back with nothing but constant errors. I stopped the parity sync as I decided, since this is a fresh install, why start with error indicators. I checked the sata cable and found that the tip was bad and probably wasn't making good connection. I had 3 start cables from my LSI Logic LSI00344 9300-8i SGL SAS 8Port 12Gb/s PCIE3.0 HBA Controller, so I swapped, rebooted...Now I get nothing but a missing disk indication, I can't clear it, I won't let me put in another drive, I can't start array. I have all new cables for the controller coming but I can't believe I have multiple cable errors as other drives connected to the controller are being read just fine. Anyone have any thoughts? I hope....
  8. I also see after the scan that the count is zero
  9. I have but when I ask Alexa to find anything it tells me it can't find whatever I ask for it to play. I see the folders in the itunes library for specific artist and the albums and tracks within the folders. Do I need to break out all of that individually? thanks
  10. That's where my problem all started is with MyMedia ForAlexia. My folders are all on my unraidsever as is my itunes xml. When I click on MMFA webgui, and then go to itunes library, I get the I get the "add iTunes Library XML". I get stopped cold. I type in path and nada. I've point copy of XML both on unRAID and left on my c: drive....neither way works Somewhere, I've got the set up balled up in a mess
  11. That may be the issue as I have been trying to point to the xml where my iTunes is located but the library folders are on the server. What software would you suggest to act as the iTunes server on UnRAID to get around this? Thanks again
  12. itimpi......How did you get the iTunes XML set up? I easily downloaded app via CA and pointed the app to my library, but can't get past the XML setup so I can configure the console....Thanks in advance
  13. I have heard the masses speak!!!!! Here are a few pictures. You can see in one pic the overall height and width of the box. Inside, you can see it's pretty jammed in there to fit 10 storage drives, parity drive, GPU, SAS Controller, and Heat Sink/Fan. Every spot I could within the I put fans. You can't see them, for the most part, but they are tucked away to give venting anywhere possible. Soooooo, all of the equipment, plus the cabling led to a cramped box. So far though, no cooling issues at all. Zero!!!
  14. Sorry xavierda, haven't tried that. I'm using this machine strictly as a high density, high usage media storage and Plex server.
  15. Working on it....when I get cables for the new SAS Controller