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  1. Just an update. I'm sitting on over 4 days uptime, keeping my fingers crossed but I feel good about this. Thanks Hoopster for pointing out MacVlan. I thought it wasn't in effect since I wasn't using a custom ip or br0 on any docker, but just having the br0 option checked in docker was enough to add it.
  2. What you said got me thinking. I did not have any dockers with a custom IP set but macvlan was still loaded like you said. So I just went into the docker settings and saw I still had custom br0 enabled. I disabled that and lsmod no longer shows macvlan loaded. I'll try for a few days like this. Would the macvlan module being loaded be enough to cause the issue even if no docker was using a custom IP?
  3. Ran short tests before but I'm going to buckle down and let it run a longer test. Would love for it to jsut be ram.
  4. Thanks I realized I should have done that afterwards. I do have an update. Crashed again. I could ping it but couldn't access ssh, web, or direct console. I had the attachment on the screen. I decided to swap out the sata cable on dm-02. Also noticed in the bios that the time was off and showing UTC time in bios. I couldn't grab these diagnostics before the power down of course.
  5. I used to have Nginx Proxy Manager running with it's own IP address on br0, it's not back to Bridged.. That was changed over 2 weeks ago. That should have been the only docker using it's own IP address.
  6. All new hardware was used for this. I have a random crash anywhere from 24 hours to 72 hours. I lose all network connectivity to the unit and have to force reboot it Looking at the time stamps I think this is the kick off of when it starts. Jan 3 06:02:09 Park-NAS1 kernel: rcu: INFO: rcu_sched self-detected stall on CPU Hardware Intel i3-10100 16gb ddr4 non ecc intel x520-da2 nic. 6.9-rc2. Edit: I added a diagnostics file while running. I'll try to capture one when it crashes but I lose all network connectivity when it does. I'm looking at some of the settings in tips and tweaks and since it appears I lose network but the machine is still running and capture logs during that time, I'm going to turn off nic offload and see what that does. syslog-
  7. I'm seeing the same thing. I suspect this is what happens before my machine hangs ans I can't even ping it. I had to hard power boot the host as well.
  8. If I missed it in the thread I apologize. But is there anyway to use Authelia to pass through authentication to the app. What I mean is I have sonarr, radarr and other apps turned on with local authentication. So when i authenticate with authelia I have to authenticate again to the app.
  9. I had to do the same steps as nblom to get syslog working again.