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  1. Have the same in 6.9.2. I did a quick search and concluded it's the kernel used in 6.9.2. Reverted back to 6.9.1 and everything is ok. Now waiting for 6.10.0.
  2. Hi, I'm using a FUJITSU D3643-H1 motherboard with an extra Akasa AK-PCCM2P-02 card for the second SSD. Memory: Crucial RAM CT16G4DFD824A.
  3. i3-9100 16Gb 2 x 4Tb 2 x 1TB SSD 4 x USB (zWave, Zigbee, RFlink, smart-meter) 1 x USB boot device Active Dockers: Postgres MariaDB HomeAssistant PiHole MQTT Deconz OtMonitor DSMRreader Nextcloud 8.5W average
  4. Thanks for the tip! I ran the option: --auto-tune All seems fine after 16hrs. Current consumption at an average of 8.5W. Coming from Ubuntu where I had an average of 6.5W but that was without the samsung flash-drive and ConbeeII stick. I have more USB devices attached but those where already there under Ubuntu. I do suspect a rather high consumption from the Samsung 32 GB Bar Plus flash-drive. After switching to this drive from a Kingston one during the Unraid trial period, consumption rose by 1W.