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  1. I guess it lost boot order too... weird... i´m going to check the bios
  2. I can´t because i restart the server , and now it won´t find it
  3. Hello, i just arrived from work , and my server get this error, won´t load my licence key... I will lost all my configs??!!!
  4. Hello , I add a new drive to my pool . Format on XFS, and is empty but shows 96gb used?!!??? Is a 14tb drive. Is something wrong , that i´m not figure out??!!
  5. The problem is the IP to put on the subnet on custom br0. I don´t know which one. When i had the server connected directly to the router was very simple to put the IP on custom br0 , i only had to put almost the tower ip and the last two digits i choose accordingly with the dockers i had... Now it doesn´t work in that way....
  6. Now i can make the dockers work if i don´t choose the network type " Custom br0". If i choose bridge everything is ok. I always choose custom br0, and always works, could be the server is no more connected to the router??!!
  7. No one could give a clue, a little help?
  8. Last night i had to move my server from bedroom to office. So in my bedroom the server was directly connected to the router, and have a Ip address 192.168.... When i start the server in my office , (it´s connected to a RJ45 plug on the wall, swich on ATI to send gigabyte signals to all divisions), all of my dockers won´t run gave Execution error, server error( image attached), i guess it´s the IP was change it, and the dockers have the old IP... The tower also dissapeared from my network explorer on windows, if i right on the address tab \\tower , tower folder open. The new ip
  9. where you install the nvidia driver plugin? On community apps it doesn´t exist... Or the nvidia driver plugin is after LSIO Plex docker instalation?
  10. So , with 6.9.0 i only have to install the app plex from linuxserver ?
  11. With the end of nvidia unraid app , which docker we have to use gpu through unraid to use on plex? Sorry for the newbie question, i´m on trial of unraid , and want to figure out if its worth or not.
  12. But if update to the recent version i have to buy a new unraid licence!!! Because it update to version 6.8... No chance to get this working ??
  13. But if update to the recent version i have to buy a new unraid licence!!!
  14. Hello , My Unraid is 6.7.2 , when i install the nvidia app, and i go the plugin it only show unraid version 6.8 and above, i see some tutorial on youtube and on them i saw 6.7.2 version... What i´m doing wrong ? Thanks