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  1. These are all awesome! I've seen a few Lian-Li requests but didn't see a PC-A75. If one of those gets created I'd be grateful!
  2. I also got that error. I deleted the custom_ovmf folder and started over. I would also set it up using the default configuration - it will be slow, but it will work - and then once the OS is installed and working, you can edit the hardware, edit the helper script and run it again. That's what I've just done - trying to give the machine more cores and running helper before the initial setup was done did not work for me.
  3. So I've been reading and watching and reading some more about the wonders of Unraid, and I'm planning a project build to keep me busy over the next few months. I currently have a Win10 box that is also running Plex, and was considering splitting it into two, when I discovered Unraid and the idea of running it all together. Sounds far more interesting than just having two machines! The idea is to have a functioning Windows 10 VM that I can use day-to-day as well as game on, whilst running Plex on Ubuntu for direct play (internally), transcoding (externally), and get down & dirty w