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  1. Hi all, After a reinstall of Nextcloud, there is still an old entry from the former installation in "External storages" which can not be deleted. The link worked fine in the former installation, but doesn't anymore. How can i delete this entry? Thank you for help!
  2. Hi, I can mount an external drive, but there's no way to see the drive under "shares" even if i use the slider. I have issues with UD since several weeks, how can i completely remove & reinstall UD? Thanks.
  3. Hi all, I just installed a PCIe USB Controller card, it shows an own IOMMU group and is resettable. I passed it through via Syslinux. Now each time i try to fire up the VM with the controller passed through, the OS's (WIN10&Fedora) freeze in the start sequence, Win10 shows the never ending circle... I tried also with a fresh install, this works for both OS's, and once the VM works, the devices work perfectly, but after a reboot the problem comes back, and even if i try the XML/Template method, the controller can be selected, but at the end it comes to the same result. W
  4. Hi Alphahelix, I think, this makes a lot of sense. Thanks for your time. Uno
  5. Hi all, Currently i would like to pass through a USB controller to my WIN 10 VM. Since my actual controller (on the MB) is not in an own IOMMU Group (even not if i change all the VM Manager Settings) and on top he's not resettable, i want to resolve by buying a new PCI-e USB Card to pass through to my VM, but before i do, i have some questions: Will a new Controller Card be automatically in it's own IOMMU Group? Is there a model / brand / spec. that you suggest? How can i be sure/find out, if the new card will be resettable? Thanks
  6. Uno


    Hi all, for me the vmxnet3 Change fixed the problem. It's worth to try again, Volumio is one of the best players around.
  7. hi all, i see a USB Controller on my CPU, and hat do pass it thorugh to my VM in order to get things working. My GPU has no USB port, why do i have a USB Controller on my GPU? THX und have a good day.
  8. Hi, I can't find the Plugin: 'Linking shares to container' within Piwigo, any suggestion? THX
  9. Hi Forum, Which App / Container do you suggest to manage a large quantity (six digits) of pictures? The goal is to sort them as good as possible. Duplicates will be managed via Dupeguru and Krusader will do the shift job. Thanks in advance - Uno
  10. Hi there, After a failed attempt to link nc to an internal unraid share, i cannot delete the old entry and neither set up a new. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance.
  11. I was wondering about two things: when will a paritiy disk be full and must be replaced with a bigger one? There's no indication about in the "main" menue... will a failed parity disk be rebuilt once it is replaced by a new one? I think, now i asked in a better way, thanks.
  12. Well, before i start: What happens, if the Parity disk fails and can the PD become to small (I knos, it has to be bigger as the biggest disk)...
  13. Thanks, very interesting, so what do you think about this: My build's HD'd where in operation in my former NAS for years a failure can occour at any time (but mustn't). Since the theme is new to me, i don't know (yet) wht's the SMART status. I simply think to backup my data, attach the HD's to my new Unraid build, let Unraid to his Parity job (without preclearing) and then copy my data to the new Unraid server. Of course after all this, a new Backup has to been made und since the build in SMART surveillances will give me infos ragarding the condition of my HD's, i will keep