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  1. I am able to get this to work. Thank you for the instruction. I am having one issue I need help with. After modifying the "GO" file I hit control X and Y to save it, but when I exit the terminal, it gives me a warning that if I exit my changes might not be saved. Sure enough when I go back into the "GO" file, the script is not at the bottom. It's not that big of a deal to go back in and add the script after each reboot, but I was wondering what I am doing wrong when exiting the terminal? I am very new at this.
  2. I figured out my issue and was able to resolve it. Firewall on the router was the culprit.
  3. I am on a home computer running windows 10. Accessing the internet thru an Asus Blue Cave router. So not on any type of corporate proxy if that is what you are asking. Sent from my SM-G960U using Tapatalk
  4. Hello, I am struggling to get this plugin installed. I am new to unraid..just set up my first NAS this weekend and I am not the most tech savvy person. I have been able to install Community Applications, Fix common problems, Preclear Disks, and C A Auto Update. When I try and install Unassigned Drives I get a network error. See Screenshot #1. In investigating the potential problems, I discovered that I get a Proxy error when I try to go to the github website..see screen shot #2. I assume that these issues are related and this proxy error is what is causing the network error. I tried every thing under the sun from youtube and google searches to resolve this proxy error. The github website is the ONLY site that I have ever seen this error occur. Any insights or advise would greatly be appreciated. I have around 6 TBs of data to transfer onto my server and It's going to take forever if I can't attach my USB hard drives directly to the server.