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  1. yeah that is what I was afraid of. Thank you for confirming that..
  2. @corfoto4: thanks for pointing out this tutorial, very informative.. specifically finding out the python version. @all: sive clearly the python version is up and running and up to date so the latest version of YaRSS2 sould be perfect.. never the less.. and as pointed out above: i found the following on https://dev.deluge-torrent.org/wiki/Plugins. YaRSS2: An RSS plugin configurable through the GUI: Support webgui :No, deluge 2.x support: Yes does this mean i can't get YaRSS2 to work with this version? any thoughts are much appreciated, as if it can't work i can give up this quest.
  3. @ados Could this be the cause of my issue too? although I tried to install 1.x versions too? in the plugins folder a zip-folder named: [object FileList] with in this folder two other folders: EGG-INFO and yarss2.. from this it would seem that the installation worked.. never the less it doesn't work. now i just also saw the following: YaRSS2: An RSS plugin configurable through the GUI: Support webgui :No, deluge 2.x support: Yes this confuses me.. as delugevpn is 2.0.4dev38 and i believe webui (also/only) so is this supported or not? would really appeciate a though on this, can it work with delugevpn or wont it?
  4. have a look at this link: https://wiki.servarr.com/Docker_Guide i am not sure this will be helpfull for you. but it has definately been helpfull for me for anderstanding file structures outside and inside containers and getting containers to work with each other while still keeping an understandable folder tree.. I do also seem to have an issue with the sonarr renaming part not working. but i need to dive into that later, first i need to solve other issues, never the less the above tutorial have made things quite a lot clearer (for me) ps: if you solve your sonarr renaming issue, can you tag me on this? could help me out there too (maybe).
  5. i have again another question though, sorry.. i am trying to install a YaRSS2 plugin, as your container is ofcourse running as docker container i have no thoughts on if there is pythn running and ifso which, but according to tutorials i need python to install plugins and one would also need to choose the plugin file accordlingly. I do have python3.7 runnning on my nas outside the container, but don't know how to use this in this situation really. Doesn anyone here have any experience with installing plugins on this deluge version or any thoughts on the matter? ps: i read through the deluge FAQ, troubleshooting and plugin files but did not find a working solution, still could've missed something.
  6. hey all as mentioned all is up and running beautifully (delugevpn) but i am not sure about the logic behind the downloaded file locations. these are my set volumes: /volume1/Download:/Downloads /volume1/Docker/Deluge/config:/config /volume1/Docker:/data i just can't seem to locate the downloaded files once done.. i intended them to arrive in /volume1/Download. but it isn't there.. (location in deluge /root/Downloads) when i relocated the downloaded files it ends up in: /volume1/Docker/Deluge/config/NEWFOLDER. so in a different 'branch' and higher up in the folder tree, also in /volume1/Docker/Deluge/config/ there is no Downloads folder, which i would've then expected. the thing is.. i would really like the files to end in the actual /volume1/Download folder, is this in anyway possible? the reason why this is 'important' that the explorer in ADM is really bad.. so going up and down all the branches in the tree everytime i need to relocate files when done will take a lot of time and really is an anuisence. any thoughts? Kind greats. Matthieu
  7. @binhex thank you!!! thank you so much!!! that did it.. 2 weeks of work completed
  8. @binhex thanks for that pointer.. i am startving now.. but i will dive into it tonight.
  9. in addition to the question above.. i thought maybe there is some limitation on access, so to run it through portainer as stack (sorry!!) and make sure i had the "enable access control' turned off... so i ran the following docker-compose code (manually converted, was actually sort of proud that i managed to do so ) version: "2.1" services: arch-delugevpn: image: binhex/arch-delugevpn container_name: delugevpn cap_add: - NET_ADMIN environment: - VPN_ENABLED=yes - VPN_USER=LPRy................... - VPN_PASS=SV2..................... - VPN_PROV=custom - VPN_CLIENT=openvpn - STRICT_PORT_FORWARD=yes - ENABLE_PRIVOXY=yes - LAN_NETWORK= - NAME_SERVERS=,,,,,,, - DELUGE_DAEMON_LOG_LEVEL=info - DELUGE_WEB_LOG_LEVEL=info - ADDITIONAL_PORTS=1234 - DEBUG=false - UMASK=000 - PUID=0 - PGID=0 volumes - /volume1/Download:/Downloads - /volume1/Docker/Deluge/config:/config - /volume1/Docker:/data - /etc/localtime:/etc/localtime:ro ports: - 8112:8112 - 8118:8118 - 58846:58846 - 58946:58946 restart: unless-stopped unfortunately the same issue remains, no access via http://localhost:8112/ and and the same for privoxy :8118 also no error msg, just timing out. would be happy with any suggestion here. Kind regards delugevpn syslog2.pdf
  10. hello all i have finally the delugevpn container running.. and the log seems to be fine.. unfortunately when i try to access the web gui ( it doesn't open and finally times out (running only delugevpn container) i should NOT run an instance of binhex/arch-delugevpn and linuxserver/deluge correct? any idea why i can't get the web gui opened? ps: 8118 for privoxy didn't work either. i added the log as pdf (so i don't clutter the forum more then i already do ) delugevpn syslog.pdf
  11. "and the certificates referenced in the ovpn file (certificates will normally have a crt and/or pem extension)." i have the open vpn file i need. but about the referenced certificate(s), the CA is incorporated into the ovpn file for surfshark, so there is no seperate ca.crt file, ofcourse i can create one but i believe it not to be necessary. but there are certificates mentioned, should there be another (.crt / key) file? and ifso, what is the name?
  12. thank you! agai this should have been obvious to me, still it wasn't many thanks!!
  13. oke that is clear! unfortunately that calls for another question (which i hope to understand but dot). this line: -v /etc/localtime:/etc/localtime:ro \ has three parts. /etc/localtime: = system? /etc/localtime: = Deluge (but the same) but what is the ro \. i specifically ask as my ADM os on my nas doesnt's have a etc/ folder at all, but there has to be a way it draws the time from somewhere.. so that is my next step to figure out. Kind greatings Matthieu
  14. that is clear! thank you. one more question though.. taking the line again: -v /apps/docker/deluge/config:/config \ i get ofcourse the tree part /apps/docker/config part also the : but what does the second /config and \ mean? thanks for all the help!
  15. oke not using unraid i still have a few delugevpn specific questions if i may? 1) -v /apps/docker/deluge/data:/data \ this line refers to the place where the downloads end up, basically i can choose this location myself? 2) -v /apps/docker/deluge/config:/config \ this line refers to the place where: a: the openvpn config files are placed? or b: the deluge config files are created? if it is a i need to place two files there? .ovpn and a .crt right?
  16. @ Walter ah that screenshot, no that is a screenshot posted as an example by Chesh on page 291, as that is where it is located on his system. that is what i am tring to find on my system. i did post 2 screen shots though.. a little bit further on, also on page 291 but i will post them here again. but i doubt this gives any information except a possible tab inside portainer the info should be. sorry for the confusion, i should've been more clear. Matthieu
  17. @ Walter: thank you for your help!! these are screenshots of portainers.io i made when ssh to my nas from my laptop on the same LAN. looking back at the screenshots i can not find how you concluded it is on my cache drive though (understanding this would probably be very helpfull not?) did you find it back in the "containers" or the " images" screenshot? kind regards.
  18. that is the issue, i don't know and i don't know how to find it in portainer (and i have been looking). maybe i didn't even set anything yet, or maybe it is set automatically.
  19. up untill now i have not been able to locate the /config folder in portainer, which i ofcourse need to copy the VPN files to. I have looked around for a reference to host path also but to no avail. i would really appreciate so more help on this. Kind regards Matthieu
  20. any other / better dashboard i can use / you prefer? do keep in mind i am limited to a small amount of apps that is supported by ADM OS. Within Portainer, there is a container section, bu i only have Deluge and PortainerCE in there. DelugeVPN i have ONLY pulled in, so it is under images, but there, there is still a notification "unused". and i think i can not use it till i have this solved, right? Please see screenshots.
  21. @chesh: thanks for your reply, i tried looking for that info in Portainer.io but did find no reference to anything named host path (1 or other) am i looking at the wrong spot? (again) sorry for all this trouble, i feel the closer i seem to get the less i know and understand.
  22. oke i thought i was ready but now i am running against the issue of actually finding the /config/openvpn/ folder. i assumed it should be located in the root of the ADM (linux based os of my NAS) there i did indeed find a .config folder of course, but there is no openvpn folder in there. i tried stopping at all (every container in portainer-ce), but then all that hapend is that my router would reboot. afterwards there is still no openvpn folder in .config/ so i started to think i should look for it somewhere else, higher up in the file tree. So i found in the Docker/Deluge folder a /Config, but also without openvpn folder. Al i can think of now is that i should still look for a different location so i tried 'locate openvpn' or i didn't force the creation of the folder in the right way yet. any thoughts on the above? kind greatings Matthieu