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  1. sorry one additional question? should i set strick portforwarding to yes? no? or not even use it? Kind regards Matthieu
  2. Thanks for your quick and clear answers, this should get me going on my way! many thanks and... same to you
  3. Hey BinHex and averyone else, I am completely new to the whole docker concept so i am trying to learn. For the obvious reason i was pointed towards arch-delugevpn to have deluge running on a nas where i want all the other apps running not behind a vpn. To understand what to do i read through the following info: https://hub.docker.com/r/binhex/arch-delugevpn but reading through this i am left with a few questions. for now i am running Docker-se 2.0 (19.03.8.r5) on ADM (3.5.2.RAG2) on a Asustor as6102 nas with portainer CE (2.0.0.r01) i have pulled arch-delugevpn correctly but haven't run it yet (as i'm not sure if i correctly know how). As i dont' wanna mess things up on the NAS i just wanna double check if my train of thought is indeed correct. so reading through the above link i noticed there is often refered to use with PIA. Do i assume correctly when i assume PIA stand for private internet access and is a VPN that does use a (similar to) openVPN protocol? ifso.. i understand i should not use the PIA guidelines as i use surfshark VPN but should still follow the first general usage protocol the text starts with and just adapt that so it is correct for usage with surfsharks openVPN setting and place the unzipped files openvpn config and cert files in the /config/openvpn/ folder? and run the adepted general usage protocol? additionally i found several discussions on adaptations of the copenvpn config file. but i believe this only relates to usage with the next gen pia vpn. is that correct? should i just use the files as supplied by surfshark or should i make some adaptations to is? I hope i am not asking to much obvious questions here, as i said i am really new to this and a bit anxious to mess things up. Thanks ahead for the support! Kind greatings Matthieu. ps: Binhex thanks very much for all you have done! much appreciated, and that beer will come your way and also nice to find a fellow BOTP-er