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  1. Hello all, I originally followed this thread's directions on setting this up, but found Spaceinvader's video as well. I setup a proper ovpn_privoxy container that is connecting to my vpn of choice. I was able to successfully shift my deluge container over to it, and confirmed it's behind the VPN now. The problem, however, is the ability for any of my other containers, such as radarr or sonarr, to be able to access the deluge via the proxy container ip with 8112 as the port. I can get to the deluge web page without issue and manage it just fine, but if I try to tes
  2. That was it! And now that you told me I recalled using it when I added a couple drives a year or two ago. Thank you very much for the assist!
  3. I'm working on moving my Unraid 6.8.3 over to a beefier server. I moved the drives over and booted from the USB. Boot is occurring fine, seeing all the hardware and such. However, when I go to try and re-setup the array layout, the drive names are just slightly different. Unraid thus thinks these are the wrong drives. Is there anything that can be done to work around this without loss of data?