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  1. Greatly appreciated after unsuccessfully trying the qnap 5 Gbit. Only issue that I had was the 2.5gbit link going down in unraid (switch showing that is up). After re-doing my network setup, removing the network cfg and network rules from the usb, I have now full 2.5gbit using the active backup bonding mode together with my 1gbit Mainboard network. Let's hope that stays after the reboot
  2. I tried with the Version 6.9.0-beta30 . root@Tower:~# modinfo aqc111 modinfo: ERROR: Module aqc111 not found. It does not work. AQC111 is not available. Would be great to include it. Sadly, i am also not able to pass it through to a Windows 10 VM. (Device cannot be startet: Code 10)