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  1. Thanks, appreciate the work you do. This is one of my favorite plugins.
  2. Any Updates on the Dashboard issue where moving the Plex Stream Widget up doesn't stay after a page reload and defaults to the bottom again? Thanks!
  3. Yeah appears to have disappeared for me as well after the update
  4. I have a ssd with Debian on it and after having the issue I was running it for about a week and did frequent reboots on the OS and never experienced the issue. Went back to Unraid to see and it would randomlly start doing it again. Im not sure if its just a coincidence so thats why I seeked help in here. Ive only down the power down (unplug) when I notice the bios bugging out and I must wait at least 5-10mins or itll do it still while starting up again. Maybe its a motherboard or psu issue?
  5. Definitely wasnt just pinning it on unraid, just only seems to happen after rebooting from unraid is all. I cant put my finger on what could even cause it, and why its better after removing the power plug for 10 mins or so. Bios is up to date and cant even find anything similar that other people have had. Dont know if a video would provide any helpful information? Thanks, Ill double check, didnt even think about verifying that actually.
  6. Anyone have an idea of things I can try? Running a memory test for 24 hours shows no issues.
  7. Im having an odd issue where when I reboot the system the computer becomes quite slow and glitchy on bootup. The bios process takes much longer and even trying to make bios changes theres probably a 4-5 sec delay between button/mouse input to an action. The unraid boot process also then is super delayed where even the 5 second delay for unraid boot menu becomes like 20 secs and glitchy. If i completely power the system down (unplugged) for about 10 minutes then everything seems fine. This has only been happening recently and cant think of anything I may have installed prior to this issue. It also only happens when rebooting from unraid. If i run another OS and reboot then everything is normal. Not sure if that means is something not getting unloaded from the ram on reboot? Also on a side note/issue. I previously created a folder in the /mnt/ directory when i first started using unraid and realized I shouldnt use that directory. I removed the folder but it keeps coming back each reboot. I tried looking through the config file and cant see where that would get created on each boot. Thanks for any help!
  8. Im having a bit of an issue where aborting a script doesn't actually kill it. Is there a workaround so I don't have to manually hunt down and kill all the process every time. Thanks
  9. That is correct, I am running the beta. I completely understand that, work and family come first. No rush at all just wasn’t sure if it was something silly I was doing. Thanks again.
  10. Hey there, just want to start off saying I appreciate the plugin. Im having a little minor issue. I like to have the stream widget closer to the top. When I reload the page it appears to force itself down to the bottom along with everything else that was above it. Just curious if you know a way to prevent this. Thanks Again.
  11. Hey just curious if its possible to display a second cpu temp with the system temp plugin. I have a dual Xeon setup and would be handy to monitor both cpu temps, or even if possible for it to display each core temp on the dashboard page next to each core listed. Thanks!