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  1. Forced update works for me. I've also been having a few issues with both Radarr and Sonarr not moving *some* of my downloaded files from the "complete" folder to my actual media folder. No idea what's causing this as neither are producing any logs. Hoping this update fixes it for Radarr. Also sent you $5 @binhex . Thanks for all that you do.
  2. @Squid I had it on Basic View and Extra Parameters wouldn't show. *facepalm*. Is there a difference between using the "c" flag or the "--cpu-shares" flag? Presume I have to type the single digit with the "c" flag and the bit-offset with the "--cpu-shares" flag? Anything on the last question? My idea was to try and implement the following priority: System UUD dockers (when I get around to implementing it) Plex My other Dockers Just not sure if this is possible? Can you go down to 4? Again, I'm presuming you can go down to 10 given the mapp
  3. Hey @Squid, Just trying to enter the parameters for docker priority as defined and I'm a bit confused on a number of parts: Where do I actually enter the "-c" or "--cpu-shares" flag? Is it in the docker/UnRAID console? Or do I add a variable? If I have to type it into the UnRAID console, how does it know which docker I'm referring to? What command do I type in and where do I type it to generate this output? I presume the UnRAID console? PID container CPU CPU share 100 {C0} 0 100% of CPU0 101 {C1} 1 100% of CPU1 102 {C1} 2 100
  4. Oh this is awesome. Thanks. I actually wanted to do this anyway with some of my other dockers. But in this instance I was more taking about a specific process that happens *within* a docker. My assumption is that UnRAID can't do anything about that as it'll just see the Plex docker asking for resources, rather than the individual process within the Plex docker. Could be wrong though, just wanted some clarification.
  5. Hi all, Having some issues with Plex using up all the CPU when new media is added. I currently have it set to analyse media, download the metadata, and generate video thumbnails when new stuff is added/detected. Appreciate that I can solve this issue quickly by changing the settings and running them as scheduled tasks outside of regular 'working' hours, but I was also wondering if there was a way that I can change the CPU priority to certain tasks/processes or limit them to a maximum % of CPU? Best,
  6. You're welcome mate. Sorry I didn't reply sooner. Work getting in the way as per. Glad it's sorted now.
  7. Cool. I thought that should be the case, but wanted to make sure. I have enabled QS passthrough which obviously will not be available with the upgrade to an R7. My ultimate end-goal is to get a P2000 - but that's further down the line along with a PSU upgrade.
  8. Ah got you. I thought you were saying that you had a spare all connected up but not assigned to the array.
  9. I think what you've stated is probably best-practice, although I wonder what you're trying to achieve with the 'spare' drive? Is that just in case one fails you've got one ready to go in?
  10. Has it actually picked up the IP address? Can you describe your network? If you can go to and draw it out (or just use paint) with IP addresses etc. that would be helpful. Also, does the BIOS time match your network time?
  11. Morning all. Been contemplating upgrading the internals of my media server for some time and I'll probably look to make a move next year. In my gaming PC, I currently have an R7 3700X CPU which I would look to upgrade to an R7 5800X and then use the 3700X in my media server. This would mean I'd need to buy a new motherboard and get some faster memory (the ones I've got are 2666MHz and Ryzen likes 3200MHz+). When the time comes, can I literally just take the old stuff out, stick the new stuff in, reconnect the drives, and UnRAID will figure it out and just make it work?
  12. Hi man, Thank you very much for the info! I'll probably have a look at that. I like how you've got extra fans inside too. Also, how did you get the one on it's own fixed? Was that hot-glue?
  13. I plan to do what this chap has done: Not entirely sure how they remain in-situ, but I've sent him a DM and I'll keep you informed on the update.
  14. Hi all, Given the success of my transition to UnRAID, I'm actually looking to transfer all of my non-gaming needs to a single device. This will help keep power consumption, space utilisation down, while improving the tidiness of my current setup (see picture) and probably the performance of it too. All it's currently being used for is Plex and Downloads, but I'd like to transfer the backup drive implementation. In this image you can see: Old ESXi Host (Lenovo TS-140). All of the VMs are now running in UnRAID as Dockers and this is turned off. Old QNAP TS-
  15. I only have new Edge and IE installed. Didn't think there would be much point in installing Chrome given they're both the same thing and IE doesn't load anything up. Seen people having issues on Firefox too, so didn't bother; although I could. I just try to keep installed apps to a minimum (although tell that to my RGB software on my gaming PC...).