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  1. Thank you, Terraria is now working. I appreciate the update!
  2. Thank you ich777. I will await your advisement. Just glad to hear I didnt botch something here lol.
  3. Hello, I just recently installed your Terraria server Docker and I seem to be having issues connecting to it. I saw the message saying it can take a long time to start due to downloading, however, the Docker container says it is started. When i checked the log, i keep seeing this: ---Terraria not found, downloading!--- terraria-server-https://terraria.zip: No such file or directory ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------Can't download Terraria, putting server into sleep mode----------- -----------------------------
  4. I had a feeling that would be the issue. Would the 9207-8i be plug n play? or will it need any special configuration? Im seeing a review for it saying that it needs to be tweaked to work, but Hardware Compatibility says that it should already be tweaked and work OOTB. Additionally, could the Megaraid controller also be what caused the HDD to display with 500GB of capacity missing (compared to the capacity when connected to a Windows PC)?
  5. Greetings, I am new to Unraid and I have ran into an issue with getting hard drives to register to the OS. I have 10 Hotswap bays (not using the hotswap feature, just using them as basic mount points for the server). They are connected to a 6 Port and a 4 Port Back Plane that then connects to a Broadcom LSI MegaRAID SAS 2108 Raid controller (it should have Passthrough mode though I'm not sure if it is configured as such, I cant seem to be able to identify any way to access it's configuration). At this moment I am trying to add my two 6TB data drives tha
  6. Greetings, Thank you for looking into it... I think the problem was that I was Remoting into the server instead of interfacing with it directly with a monitor, keyboard, and mouse. Once I hooked my input output equipment to the server and tried to register directly on the server it went through just fine... Thank you
  7. Greetings, I have been having issues attempting to purchase my license for Unraid. I just started up my server and when it asked if I wanna use a Trail Key or Purchase one, I choose purchase. I fill out the "Individual" form and when i click to proceed to payment, it says that my email is not valid. My email is (user is censored for privacy sake) **********@roadrunner.com I have also tried to test with another of my emails ********@gmail.com and got the same result. Is there an issue with the purchase system at this time???