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  1. Hey no worries man. Totally understand. Spend as much time as you need with your family. Oh and Happy Birthday to your son!!! I shall shoot you a PM now where we can stay in touch and discuss things further once you are back to do your magic
  2. Sure, here you go: I am currently helping the mod maintainer with Linux configuration and using your Docker as my testing environment, so I know specifically what needs to be changed to make the whole thing work correctly together. Since the mod uses a modding framework called BepInEx (which most mods at the moment are using), maybe it could be a flag or something in the config files to enable running BepInEx?
  3. @ich777 There is a mod for Valheim that is getting quite popular called Valheim+ and they just added Linux support for it. However, your current container for Valheim won't be able to use it due to the script being different for the mod. Any plans to support it? I could help out in case you need more info
  4. I am new to unRAID and have installed this Docker container throught the Community Applications plugin by following Spaceinvader One's YouTube tutorial. Everything works fine at the moment except for my upload speeds. I am testing this via LAN and it seems like I am getting atrocious upload speeds when uploading files through the WebGUI or through the Nextcloud desktop app. I don't have a reverse proxy configured just yet so that can't be the reason. I also have my Nextcloud share on an SSD cache drive. My LAN connection is 1 Gigabit so theoretically I should be achieving that speed but I am only getting about 100Mbps give or take. Anyone got a clue how to fix this? I have tried searching on these forums, on Reddit, and on Nextcloud's forums but there are no concrete fixes. Interestingly, when I use something like the Filebrowser Docker container, I get full upload speeds to that container's share. Any ideas?