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  1. Hi, I'm running a ubuntu VM on my unraid machine in which I ran my minecraft server (papermc). It is underperforming very badly (To a point where the folks in the papermc help chat just laughed at me ; only 2 to 4 players and very hard lags) even though one thread is fully used on the CPU (Ryzen 1600). It is running on 8GBs of ram. This should all not be an issue from what I've read online. Running the same settings locally on my Ryzen 3600 Win 10 is not an issue at all (3% CPU usage). Running sysbench --test=cpu --num-threads=1 run I get an result of around 1500
  2. I'm not entirely sure if it works out like I want it to. But since I'd like to have fast storage for my VMs and maybe accessing large files over the 10G network my HDDs are (or might be in the future) not sufficiently fast. The caching functionality in Unraid is write only afaik. By moving data to some part (maybe a partition) of the SSD I could in theory use the write cache and at least get close to something one could call "manual read caching". From what I've read this is not a problem with 2 SSDs. One for the conventional caching and one as fast storage as an unassi
  3. So, do i need to move data to the HDD beforehand and back to the SSD afterwards or can I just assign it as a cache drive and keep the data on it?
  4. Up until two days ago I was running unraid on one SSD only, as I didn't yet buy HDD's. Now I installed the two 4TB HDD's and assigned them to the array / as parity disk. I would like to use my SSD as a cache drive and ideally storage for VMs and some larger files I'm working on at the moment. 1. How can I move the SSD out of the array without loosing any data? (currently holds everything from VMs to some basic shares) 2. Can I and if yes, how do I have to configure the SSD to be cache drive and storage for VMs and some files? 3. How should I feel about t
  5. Hi, my unraid machine is connected to my gigabit switch, which is connected to the router and most other devices in my home. Now I bought two ASUS XG C100C Network cards to create a 10G connection between my PC and the unraid machine. I've read that it is possible to configure unraid to behave as if it were a switch: Both of these posts conclude on the same config: But if I disable eth0 bonding and enable bridging (add eth1) and leave everything else unchanged, unraid looses network connectivity. Therefore I have to take the thumbdrive and delete networ