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  1. I switched to you version of the docker and i still have the same problem... i've got a bunch of .wma that can be played only after manually placing an ffmpeg executable in /sbin. Would you consider adding it? From LMS logs: [20-12-01 19:05:04.5006] Plugins::PlayWMA::Plugin::initPlugin (58) ffmpeg not found with findbin Some details about one of such files: Codec: Windows Media Audio 9.2 Duration: 3:40.774 Bitrate: 128.016 kbps File Size: 3,574,276 WM Version: 12.0.7601.17514 Seekable: Yes Stridable: No Broadcast: No Protected: No Trusted: No Contains: Audio
  2. I'm terribly sorry, wrong thread, I'm actually not using your docker but another one by snoopy86. 😥I will try to switch to your version if it works with wma out of the box. Thanks for answering.
  3. Would you consider adding an ffmpeg executable in the /bin folder of the container? Otherwise .wma cannot be played. I tried putting it by hand and it works good.
  4. The plugin is really interesting and i'm doing some experiments with it. It doesn't work at all in my case, i assume because my VMs are not stored in a virtual disk, but directly to physical partitions with the /dev/disk/by-id/ syntax. I don't even know if this setup is supported by the plugin. Here's my log 2020-05-01 14:09:45 Starting VM Backup for default config. 2020-05-01 14:09:45 PID: 4501 2020-05-01 14:09:45 User script copied to /tmp/vmbackup/scripts/default/ 2020-05-01 14:09:45 Running command: '/tmp/vmbackup/scripts/default/' >> '/tmp/vmback
  5. Ok I found that I can just add: client-config-dir /mnt/user/appdata/openvpnserver/ccd to /mnt/user/appdata/openvpnserver/openvpnserver.ovpn It works fine after creating the ccd folder with various clients configuration The only problem is that any modification on the server config from the gui will overwrite the configuration and remove the client-config-dir. Would it be possible to add some field for custom options in the server configuration gui? Thanks
  6. I'm trying to assign static IP addresses to VPN clients, how to add client-config-dir do server configuration? or is there some other way to accomplish this?
  7. Small problem, on my unraid v6.6.6 the Server Config tab shows nothing.. VPN is working though. Tried to investigate with Chrome and found these errors. How to solve?
  8. Hi i just installed an Ubuntu VM on Unraid 6.6.6. I've got a weird problem: VM is connected with Br0, and is able to connect to internet and open the unraid webpage, however i cannot open any other webserver present on the lan, like my router configuration page. Ping works though. Any help?