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  1. Thank you for your help. I ended up to use deCONZ add on, and then use it to integrate in Home Assistant. Add ons are only available for hassio_supervisor docker, not for Home-Assistant-Core docker. So I had to switch them.
  2. One year later... here I am. I tried all the methods mentioned in the previous answers but I still have problems with the integration of deCONZ. I still get the "Couldn't get an API key" error. The problem is that if I set the network type to host in the deCONZ template, I can't access the webUI. Vice versa, if I set the network type to br0 and assign an IP in the Home Assistant Core template, I can't access the webUI. If I leave the different network type configurations, both webUI work. Can someone please help me? I really can't find a solution... Here is my actual configuration: