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  1. I ran this container and get a 500 error right outta the gate. Any suggestions?
  2. Now I just feel like an idiot. This was the issue. Thank you sir. Wow what a rookie move.
  3. This is my current array and space available/used This was 4 days ago before I removed that drive. But the issue is now in my plex I am missing over 800 movies and I dont even know how many shows. Sonarr was clear and caught up and now there are hundreds of shows missing 5-10 episodes each. But what is taking up the space then?
  4. Thanks for the reply. I am aware the parity does not have a file system but the array drive I removed should have something. Attached is my diagnostics. Thank you tower-diagnostics-20210501-1949.zip
  5. I made a mistake and was upgrading my storage capacity. I had a single cache 256GB SSD and an array drive 480GB SSD. I needed the sata cables for the new drives so I removed those after copying the data over to the other array drives. The cache drive I left alone and didn't copy anything. I also have another cache drive that is used which is 500GB SSD. Once I removed the drives I ran a parity check which took 36 hours and then after I connected my 2 new 14TB drives and its currently clearing. Here is my issue. Before I removed any drives I was at 46TB of data out of 86.4.
  6. I am having an issue with this image. I am able to get it up and running but the issue is that when i visit home.myurl.com it redirects me to login page but once I login it does not redirect me back to the app. The page that it shows is the authenticated page. location /authelia { internal; set $upstream_authelia; proxy_pass_request_body off; proxy_pass $upstream_authelia; proxy_set_header Content-Length ""; # Timeout if the real server is dead proxy_next_upstream error timeout invalid_header http_500 http_502 http_503; client
  7. Hello sir. I see you setup your own turn server. How did you get this working for outside video/audio calls? Did you do anything on your router? Im kinda lost here. Works great in-network.
  8. In your homeserver.yaml file Find the line for the database and change it to /data/homeserver.db
  9. ive read every page of this post. I cannot get the Matrix server up and running for the life of me. Has anyone successfully got this to work? If so do you mind sharing your steps? -=> start turn -=> start matrix Cannot create pid file: /var/run/turnserver.pid: Permission denied socket: Protocol not supported socket: Protocol not supported 0: log file opened: /var/tmp/turn_8_2021-01-28.log 0: RFC 3489/5389/5766/5780/6062/6156 STUN/TURN Server Version Coturn- 'dan Eider' 0: Max number of open files/sockets allowed for this process: 40960 0: Due to the open files/socke
  10. I am allso getting the same error as above. My ip address for unraid is and in the debug it is showing a different IP Error: Can't connect to database Please edit the $CONF['database_*'] parameters in config.local.php. DEBUG INFORMATION: Connect: Access denied for user 'postfix'@'' (using password: YES) Where is it setting this from?
  11. I have yet to get this started. Getting stuck on this screen. Also the below page never reloads. Stays stuck at that setup I have let this run for about 20 min with no results. Anyone have a suggestion?