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  1. the satisfactory container really runs well, thanks for your work @ich777 Together with a buddy of mine, I am playing on my server and we progressed to Tier4 so far. a few hours ago we noticed, that conveyor belts that had been placed became invisible. the belts from conveyor elevators were suddenly running below or above the actual elevators. working links suddenly stopped working between belts, elevators, containers and so on. anyone experienced something similar? I guess it's due to the experimental status of the server and has nothing to do with the container implementation itself?
  2. thanks for this info @TDD ! for reference to others that stumble upon this: TDD is talking about this post:
  3. I can confirm this. I upgraded from 6.8.3 to 6.9 and hit the issue with the 8TB Ironwolf ST8000VN004 parity disk becoming invalid. I reverted back to 6.8.3 via the web interface and my devices were not active after booting into 6.8.3. had to add them again (blue circle) and all data on them (containers/VMs) became available again the moment the cache disks were mounted. Any idea what could be the root cause for the ST8000VN004 issue with 6.9.0? I got two of them and all my HDDs are attached to an IBM M1015, crossflashed to LSI9211-8i in IT mode. Is it a driver/kernel-module issue?