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  1. Hi, @binhex I need some help please with docker image binhex-qbittorrentvpn. I was using this to route Radarr/Sonarr etc. All was good until I decided to upgrade the docker containers and now I cannot gain access to the Radarr/Sonarr web guis. This was acknowledged as an in issue in this thread. I was wondering what the solution to it is please?
  2. Thanks for the advice, I really appreciate it. I wouldn't have done another backup - not realising that I had to. Also, on the USB issue - I have 2 physical usbs plugged in (one was hiding behind the other so did not spot it).
  3. System is running fine now. The old parity drive has been added to the pool and I've made some changes suggested here. Thanks for the help.
  4. I see two USBs in the main screen in the GUI. Might be the same physical USB drive.
  5. Thanks for the tips. There was some junk on ssd_pool that I could delete so that will free up some space. I've started to move the systems folder to one of the ssd_pool. I've got nothing mounted remote on unassigned devices. I have the Array and Pool devices, with only the flash drive in the unassgned devices (except for he old parity drive which will soon go into the pool). Hopefully this answers your question.
  6. Yes, I believe it all completed but then I started getting the gui responsiveness issues. I had to do a shutdown the server, it's all come up fine so far. Posting latest diagnostics. Thanks. nasbox2-diagnostics-20211123-1452.zip
  7. Gui has become unresponsive again. Please can someone look at the diagnostics for me. Thanks.
  8. So I restarted nginx and that has restored the webgui. I did run a few commands to restart earlier but when I checked the status it was 'not running' state. /etc/rc.d/rc.nginx start
  9. Hi, I've replaced a parity drive in my unraid machine and rebuild was all going smoothly but then the gui became unresponsive. The last status I saw was 99.9% and I believe it completed. The shares, Dockers, Vms are all responsive. I need some help in what I should do, I do not want to restart in case it still doing something in the background. I'd post the diagnostics but unfortunately don't know how without the gui (will search if there is another way). Thanks. nasbox2-diagnostics-20211123-1105.zip
  10. Thanks for the quick reply and information. This has resolved my issue. Thanks gain.
  11. Hi, I've installed unraid (on trial) for the first time and had a few issues with the onboard network port. So I switched to an Intel 520 10gbe card and that resloved the issues. The problem I am having now is that when I try and install a plugin I get 'Network Error'. I cannot ping out from the box to lets say 'www.google.com' but I can ping IP addresses. Looks like a DNS issue but I don't know how to resolve. Help appreciated.