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  1. Do you think you'll have a chance to share info on setup of alerts? Appreciate when you replied you had a lot on your plate, not hassling whatsoever just checking it wasn't forgotten 👍
  2. Awesome info you've shared, thank you so much for taking the time to do so!! Could you possibly cover how to setup alerts? I'm setup with this and is working great, I just can't quite get my head around setting alerts, especially with things that are true/false... For example - I have a dashboard for my router, and want to set alerts to notify of VPN or WAN connections going up or down.
  3. Thanks Roxedus I didn’t realise that was possible!
  4. I’m trying to follow the rule re matching name - I already have a discord account for another forum with the same rule. I tried to change my username on here but there’s no option to do so. I also tried setting up a new account so I can get on discord that way but I keep getting this message - You are not permitted to register a user account with this site. Error code: 2S129/1 Are you able to help me either change username or setup another forum account?
  5. I’ve upgraded to 6.9.1 and I’m trying to create a backup flash drive. I’ve been a user for many years, but the most recent instructions for creating the flash drive don’t have details on how to do so on Linux. I tried using old instructions, and the script on my current flash drive (as the Linux script no longer seems to be included if you download the latest version off the website). The old version of the script fails though, saying ‘unable to locate unRAID install files’. I also don’t have access to a Windows or Mac machine, so would appreciate if someone can give me poin
  6. Hi there im trying to get a wildcard cert using Cloudflare but it keeps giving this error - I’ve checked the API key, even regenerated a new one but it just keeps giving the same error every time. is there anything you can suggest trying? 👍 Variables set: PUID=99 PGID=100 TZ=Europe/London URL=jaxnet.uk SUBDOMAINS=wildcard EXTRA_DOMAINS= ONLY_SUBDOMAINS=true DHLEVEL=4096 VALIDATION=dns DNSPLUGIN=cloudflare EMAIL=X@protonmail.com STAGING= 4096 bit DH parameters present SUBDOMAINS entered, processing Wildcard cert for only the subdomains of
  7. I have all my dockers setup to backup docker data using CA at 9am on a Monday - this has finished now, but I've found myself in a bit of a jam as my broadband has died and I'm told it might be a while before its fixed by an engineer. As the docker is set to download the latest version of plex on startup this is obviously failing due to lack of broadband, is there anyway I can bypass the attempt to upgrade plex so I can use plex in the meantime? Hope that makes sense, as not had much sleep!!
  8. Is anyone able to point me in the right direction for running the 'occ' command inside the container? I can't seem to work out where the occ file is once I've used docker exec to get inside the container
  9. Ignore that, just noticed you’ve already tried that!
  10. Take a backup of the appdata before you start in case you have problems. that way you can revert back to the LT docker with your original untouched backup of your appdata if you have any problems. I migrated from an old plugin to LSIO docker using this method and didn’t encounter any problems, tho as above with wgstarks I did do this a long time ago so ymmv.
  11. Ah ok I've got an awful lot that I've customised myself, might not be so easy for me to make the change ?
  12. Glad you got it sorted! I have to admit I might try doing the same myself - did you have much customised artwork out of interest? If so did it survive the change of path?
  13. Really you'll only have to add 1 drive to your Library mapping once, every time you add a new drive to your server. Assuming your movies are split across all your disks that is.
  14. You can add multiple disks to a single Movies library - see my screenshot. There's not really any downside to doing it that way, once it's setup you won't even know it's referencing disks rather than a user share.