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  1. I am looking actually the same thing. How to set up a site-config. I want to host my own website in a folder inside SWAG's www folder and set it up as a subdomain to access. I do not know how to create the server block. Anyone have any ideas? Thanks EDIT: I also want that website to be protected by authelia
  2. Found the error, it was in the configuration.yml. Syntax error, as I have two "rules"
  3. Thanks for the tip, it was actually the IP problem, I put the unraid IP, when I should leave Now I have another problem. I can log in into authelia, but every subdomain protected by authelia, I get 403 Forbidden nginx/1.18.0 I know is a permission problem, but I can't figure it out were is the setting. In the user_database.yml, my account have the groups -admin and -dev Also I removed the # in the corresponding proxy-conf authelia section. In the docker LOG it says time="2020-12-19T15:31:09-05:00" level=info msg="Access to https://sonarr.dom
  4. Hi, anyone have this problem after setting up authelia config file? I try other ports, but it show the same bind error. Any help appreciated