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  1. Is this a space to make product suggestions? I've been using this for a week now with a bunch of my Plex users. Would appreciate the ability to auto-delete fulfilled requests after X hours or days. I'm a bit OCD and I like the request page clean Maybe also put in an expiry on requests that can't be fulfilled... There are some that don't have any sources and I'd like to auto-wipe them as well after a set number of days...
  2. Weird. I fixed it and it's accessible on internal network, but when I try to access external with Nginx Proxy Manager as my reverse proxy, it won't work. I still have it redirecting to http://[internal IP]:5055 on the proxy manager. Sigh. EDIT: Further testing reveals that my entire reverse proxy is screwed up for some reason, will try and fix that first. EDIT2: OH MY GOD, my freakin ISP changed my IP and all it took was to restart my router. Everything works now. Sorry, I'm just dumb lol.
  3. This is awesome! I've tried Ombi before but I like this better even in the ALPHA state. Looking forward to the updates!