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  1. Confirming that 6.3.0-rc4 has resolved NFS issue. Thanks!!!
  2. Tom/limetech, first, a very big thank you for spending the time to figure this one out. Even if there was no resolution, I'm just grateful for the time you put into it; there's probably only a small group of us using Mede8ers or similar devices but you put the effort into it, speaks volumes about you and Lime Tech. Kudos! Secondly, looking forward to what Saarg will report from Mede8er but I'm not optimistic they'll be able to do much. Per Mede8er forum thread, started by spl147 himself, the mod states: "NFS is a realtek library in their SDK. The 1186 SDK has not changed in three years. Realtek have moved on to newer chips. Mede8er have been squeezing what they can out of that SDK since they started the X3D. They can't change it." Looking forward to trying out the new RC. Thanks, Y
  3. I have a Mede8er MED600X3D and was one of those who reported NFS issues going from 6.1.9 to the 6.2 series. Tom provided a version called "6.2.1-nfs-issue-testing" which returned NFS functionality however 6.2.2 broke it again; when accessing folders and subfolders via the Mede8er, they are either empty or missing entirely. I have not tried the 6.3 RC's yet, will give them a try later today or tomorrow and report back. Y
  4. http://lime-technology.com/forum/index.php?topic=51308.msg494307#msg494307 I'd like to second this. I upgraded from 6.1.9 to 6.2 stable today only to discover the NFS user share was not available on my media players (Mede8er MED600X3D); only empty subfolders displayed. Downgraded to 6.1.9 and all is back to normal. Not asking this be placed on the highest priority list but would feel comfortable knowing it will be addressed at some point. Thanks!
  5. http://lime-technology.com/forum/index.php?topic=50548.0 "I would make a request to the fine folks at Limetech that, if this feature truly is not available and if doing so does not break some other important function, the ability to spin down the drives if the array is stopped be added." Thank you for the consideration. Y
  6. Thanks again, Frank1940. The button(s) on the Array Operation tab to spin up and spin down drives are also not available, it appears, when the array is stopped so won't have a chance to test what that does to the drive being pre-cleared. Yes, this is going to be a long pre-clear process; 6TB drive via USB 2.0, and I'm okay with that. Perhaps it's a bit of paranoia since a drive just failed or simply that I don't see a reason to having the drives spinning for so long if they don't need to be, ultimately it is what it is at the moment...but... I would make a request to the fine folks at Limetech that, if this feature truly is not available and if doing so does not break some other important function, the ability to spin down the drives if the array is stopped be added. Thanks, Y
  7. Thanks, Frank1940. If I read what you suggested correctly, clicking the symbol (see photo) does not change spin up or down. Clicking the drive itself gets me into the drive's settings page but nothing is offered there to immediately spin down or spin up the drive.
  8. Had a drive fail a couple days ago and didn't have a spare ready to go immediately. So, I powered down my server until the new drive arrived. Upon receipt, I powered up the server so that I could use Unassigned Devices to Pre-Clear the drive first (connected via USB to the server) but did not start the array. However, noticed all the drives, except the bad one, are spun up. Since the pre-clear is going to take a long while and the server is effectively down until I replace the drive, I don't need them spun up. I read a 2013/V5 and older post from Tom (http://lime-technology.com/forum/index.php?topic=27796.msg245605#msg245605) where he said this is normal operation but was wondering if in the intervening years another option to spin them down has been made available. Thanks, Y
  9. Which 6 TB disks do you use? WD reds? WD Green
  10. I don't recall exact numbers but under 6.1.3, my previous parity check speed was under 20MB/sec and took way too many days. Was just about to run a monthly parity check (if numbers came in similarly, was going to bring to LT's attention in the forum) when 6.1.4 was released. Installed, ran parity check, and happy to report speeds have gone up again: Estimated speed: 83.1 MB/sec Elapsed time: 19 hours, 50 minutes Thanks, team! Y
  11. http://lime-technology.com/forum/index.php?topic=36527.0 Procedure starts about 2/3 down but I'd suggest reading the OP in its entirety. Y
  12. Thank you for confirming, interwebtech. Yes, long pre-clear time indeed; 50% through Post Read, 144+ hours. I didn't need the drive immediately and figured this would be a good way to "test" it anyway. Thanks, trurl. Yes, all data has been transferred off the drive. Been successful twice before moving from RFS to XFS just haven't tried it during a pre-clear. Y
  13. I believe the answer is "yes" but would like confirmation before proceeding... Can one stop an array while a pre-clear is in process without terminating pre-clear? I would like to transition one of my array drives from RFS to XFS which requires stopping the array but I'm in the middle of a looooong pre-clear of a 6TB drive (USB via SNAP) which I'd prefer to not terminate. TIA, Y
  14. Upgraded from 5.0.5 to 6b12, all good so far (in fact, it's gone very smoothly, hope I didn't just curse myself...). Except for one drive possibly remaining spun up (need to verify) and CPU at 100% (would doing a preclear to a USB drive via SNAP possibly cause this?), no issues to report. But then, I'm not pushing the envelop either, my server is exclusively for content storage and access, with only two plugins (SNAP and APC UPS Support). Only reason I upgraded was for improved web gui and potentially moving to a different file system (though at the moment I still haven't seen any clear reason to move off of ReiserFS). Y
  15. Of course, had to be that simple...replaced the USB dock with a newer one and voila, 4TB showing! Thanks, BRiT! Y