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  1. Open the console for the Grafana Docker and run the command grafana-cli plugins install dalvany-image-panel You might have to restart the docker after running the command
  2. I've just finished installing V6 and there were a few things I had to change to get things working/showing properly. First off, for the server name I had to update it to use the correct IP, being the same as I typed it into the UNRAID API docker, I also had to do the same change for the server status pane. For CPU temp, I changed it to use the search query for `sensors` instead of `ipmi_sensor`, but I had to modify it to be "WHERE feature = smbusmaster_0" IDK if that was because I'm using a Ryzen 7 3700x or if I just don't have something setup properly. Problems I'm having: Dockers are not showing their Images, only the names. It is showing "No data" for the panes with 'SSD Lifetime Writes', 'SSD Lifetime Reads', 'SSD Life Used', and 'SSD Temperature', I'm not sure what I need to do to fix those, I have a Samsung 970 Evo if that helps at all, but the SSD Writes day and year both work fine. Besides those problems everything seems to be working fine. Thanks for any help and suggestions people offer