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  1. I just tried and yes a public torrent started a download.
  2. Hi I'm new to unraid etc and just installed my delugevpn container following spaceinvaderone's video. I'm using PIA as the VPN and that IP address does show in the deluge webui. I used the ubuntu bittorrent link as a test and that downloaded just fine and made it into my user/downloads/completed folder. However when I try to start a torrent on any of the private trackers I use I cannot get anything to download. the 1st tracker I am able to add the torrent file and the torrent shows up in my webui but never starts downloading. for the 2nd tracker I can't even add the torrent file. As I'm ne
  3. @phea Thanks for sharing and this looks so clean! I'm starting my first build this week too and its very similar to yours Define 7 XL, i5 10th gen etc. I'm wiring everything up and its just been pure chaos with my stock sata cables etc. Can you share the parts, tools, etc and how you made your custom cables? Seeing them in your build is inspiring me to give it a shot and clean all this cable mess up. Thanks in advance and the build seriously looks soo good.