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  1. Hi all, I followed spaceinvaderones video on setting up a windows 10 VM to the letter. Shut down the VM to assign it more cores and i couldnt get back into it. i was greeted by the startup.nsh screen. Followed some vague instructions 'type exit' that takes me to the bios, where i cant do anything other than start a system restore by asking it to boot via ipv4. so thats no good. i try selecting reset, and continue and its just in a loop. so edited it back to 1 core and then i get VM creation errors and its just problem after problem. I have no removed
  2. ah ok. where is the option in unraid? im sure there is an option in settings i have to enable but i cant find it
  3. Hi, what settings do i need to enable to be able to access the server on the physical server. im sure i saw an option but i cant find it. ive selected gui at the boot menu and i just get a dash on the command line but no gui. i can still access from another computer on the network but i want to work on the server without it on the network.
  4. well youve sort of answered my question. im trying to move a lot of data and its filling the cache so i increased mover frequency. i think my 1tb cache will be fine once i have everything up and runnning.
  5. My thoughts are: i dont know how to use unraid. i cant seem to find an advantage to a docker rather than windows in a VM, especially when i will be running a VM 24/7 anyway. im still toying around with it. i want unraid because ive got a lot of drives and a lot of storage. plus i want to edit video and store media over the network. i have asked about the advantage and i was told that errors that occur in a docker stay contained as they are their own environment but im not sure thats a good enough reason because ive had no issues running plex inside win
  6. thanks for the reply. so advantage is plex docker can only affect plex docker and nothing else. seems like an advantage but ive been running plex for years first on windows server essentials, then WS2012 and now ws2016 and i cant say ive had any real issues with it or its associated programs causing any issues to anything else. Are there any issues with running a VM? any more advantages of running in a docker? what about backing up a vm? what if i want to load a backup from last week for example?
  7. i have a similar situation. im running everything on and old Xeon serve with Windows server 2016. Im trying to move over to unraid on an old gaming rig, 8700k and a 1070 which will handle everything much better. windows server is staying on current server for automated centralised backups and bare metal restore function. what did you decide to do? i could run everything in a VM on unraid because my Blue iris (cctv) setup needs a windows environment anyway. or i could run blue iris on the vm and plex in a docker or option 3 is i run windows to for plex and blue iris
  8. so you have a backup server? ok, so i might just throw a system together and put all the old 1tb and 2tb drive i have laying about in it and use that for weekly back ups. the 47tb i have isnt full, maybe 30tb full and your right, not all of it is important. i dont need to back up my plex server to anything special and i think the centralised media could be backed up to an external drive. thank you
  9. maybe unraid isnt the way to go for me then. is there a way to back up unraid to windows? or has anyone got another solution? or should i build a second unraid box with bare minimum specs and have that back up the main unraid box? That seems quite expensive because id need another 50tb of drives
  10. Hi all. Im new to Unraid so I'm after some advice. My old set up was Winders Server Essentials 2016, that was used for centralised back ups of machines, plex server, Blue Iris, etc. It also had a storage space set up using lots of old random drives to create a sever back up. With that, I had the original files on the computers, a copy in the client backups and then again in the server back up. Media and CCTV that originated on the server (TV, Films, CCTV footage) was backed up to the server back up. Now i have built a second server as my needs have changed.