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  1. im having same issue as well. anytime i run an rclone command, it causes almost 100% usage on my CPU. not sure why / how it’s causing so much resource usage?
  2. Do you think i should change all my containers that have -e UMASK_SET=000 to -e UMASK=000? I gave that permission to all my containers that create new files (torrent clients, mkvtoolnix, handbrake etc.)
  3. is there a way to do this via just one line in extra parameters section? like MASK=002 or something?
  4. Hmm weird - i just downloaded a file and was able to rename / move it within windows samba. Do you mind sending a screenshot of your new umask variable?
  5. is there a way to easily upgrade Big Sur to Monterey if you followed the previous Big Sur installation guide? If anyone has done this before, would love to have exact steps you followed before i do something stupid to break my installation
  6. hey guys - i randomly just got the error "database disk image is malformed database disk image is malformed". I restored from backup just now via built-in backup function but while googling the error, i'm worried that my current backup (5 days old) is going to encounter this issue down the line. Some people who had same issue seemed to mention this was an issue with Unraid 6.7.0 + SQLite DBs not playing nicely. I'm on 6.9.2. Should I be worried with my Radarr/Sonarr/Lidarr/Prowlarr instances for DB corruption over time? Is there any best practices to avoid future corruption?
  7. I'm having trouble with something relatively simple that I'd like to incorporate into rtorrent/RuTorrent. I'm running Binhex's rutorrent container on Unraid Docker, and I want the ability to have a change in label / category of the torrent move all the associate files into the related subfolder within my broader Downloads share. I want this to work whether the file is actively seeding, downloading, finished etc. I know qBt does this so I would think rTorrent through a script can accomplish the same task. I'm relatively new to scripting on rutorrent / docker / unraid so any beginner tips to figure this out would be very much appreciated
  8. hello - does anyone know how to properly setup local share mounts that can be used within the built-in rclone web UI? I installed the waseh plugin, inserted my config for g-drive mounts (which it correctly sees) but i wasn't sure how i can begin both uploading / downloading files from my rclone g-drive mounts <-> local shares. See screenshot below - when you type "/" it automatically gives a button to open local path, but any combination of /mnt/user/[share] or even /mnt/ doesn't show any folders. I assume I have to give some sort of access but where do i do that? for reference: i have this script running to access the web UI at http://[LOCALHOST]:5572/#/remoteExplorer rclone rcd --rc-web-gui --rc-user=admin --rc-pass=admin --rc-serve --rc-addr :5572
  9. are you accessing from an ipad or iOS device? this is exact same issue i have with messed up GUI. would love if the developer @GuildDarts is able to find a solution for this
  10. is there a way to easily upgrade Big Sur to Monterey if you followed the previous Big Sur installation guide?
  11. I did this and it worked for me. Not sure why it’s not working for you
  12. Hi there - I get the follow warning when I try to move files from one disk to another. I currently have most of my “downloading” containers setup (i.e. sonarr / radarr / jdownloader / qbittorrent etc.) with extra permission “-e UMASK_SET=000”. This is so I can have read/write permissions on Windows samba which is my preferred way to access and move around / edit / remux files etc. Does the fact that I have this extra permission set on the containers mean i will always get this message on unBALANCE (i.e. are they related)? If the answer is that they are related, Is there any risk to not running the Docker Safe New Perms function in Tools when trying to run unBALANCE? It seems like given new files created by qbit/jdownloader would always add a permission different than what unBALANCE tests for. There are some permission issues with the folders/files you want to transfer 0 file(s)/folder(s) with an owner other than 'nobody' 0 file(s)/folder(s) with a group other than 'users' 26 folder(s) with a permission other than 'drwxrwxrwx' 239 files(s) with a permission other than '-rw-rw-rw-' or '-r--r--r--' You can find more details about which files have issues in the log file (/boot/logs/unbalance.log) At this point, you can transfer the folders/files if you want, but be advised that it can cause errors in the operation You are STRONGLY suggested to install the Fix Common Problems plugin, then run the Docker Safe New Permissions command
  13. Is there a way to change resolution? I can’t seem to figure out as it’s stuck on 2560x1600 for me. I’m not using an external GPU either.