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  1. does anyone know if there is a way to locally access "mediaInfo" for media files within Krusader? It's cumbersome to open a separate MediaInfo docker container and manually open each file vs. being able to pull the MediaInfo directly in Krusader. I quickly googled but only found the below. is it possible even to install this within binhex's krusader on unraid? If so, could someone tell me how to?
  2. @thecode any chance you were able to look into what's causing this weird spacing issue in GUI for iPad?
  3. I'm trying to rollback to binhex/arch-qbittorrentvpn:4.4.5-2-02 (a tracker i use has been slow about whitelisting 4.5) but i have the fire logo with my current VPN (Windscribe) indicating it cannot connect. What am i doing wrong that my old qbit 4.4.5 won't connect anymore? I tried deleting the wg0 file in the wireguard folder and re-putting the .conf file downloaded from Windscribe into the wireguard appdata folder and relaunching qbit but it doesn't work. If i roll into the latest (i.e. binhex/arch-qbittorrentvpn), then it works fine but then multiple torrents won't seed / download from this specific tracker 😕
  4. i'd like to see this too. i'm on 6.11.3
  5. Does anyone know how to preserve the column settings/widths etc of the UI of qbittorrent so it's not dependent on the local cookie of the browser accessing? I sometimes clear cookies out of my browser which resets my qbittorrent view...
  6. No worries, wasn't sure if i had missed a setting somewhere to re-enable it. Thanks so much for your work getting this to work with latest unraid. Last question - is there a way to fix the rendering issues with the dashboard on iPad/iOS devices? It shows up with a bunch of random spaces (see below screenshot from an iPad Pro 13")
  7. I was able to re-find some of the custom icons i had for folders, so i just reset my folders up. Thanks for the help. Any idea how to get the "white divider" lines back on the main dashboard page? that's only thing i can't seem to find Before: After:
  8. i uninstalled the old docker folder to install squid repo for 6.11 and lost all my settings. is there any way to get this back?
  9. bump - does anyone know what’s going on here? I had to roll back to 4.3.9 to fix this. Wasn’t having this issue at all 2 days ago when I was running 6.11.0 Unraid / latest binhex qbt container. Is there some setting I’m missing that is causing qbit to use all my resources? Docker Folder I believe is what allows the individual monitoring in 2nd screenshot btw. .
  10. I just rolled back to 4.4.5-1-01, what is going on here? If Qbittorrent runs for more than 5-10mins, its using up all my RAM and CPU? I updated to Unraid 6.11.1 (just did 6.11.2 now) today too, is it trying to download my files to RAM now???
  11. So i followed the guide in this video and used the KEY 4= custom and KEY 5 = wireguard and generated wireguard .conf files for Windscribe from here and placed them in /mnt/cache/appdata/binhex-qbittorrentvpn/wireguard/. When i right click on the container -> command line and run "curl", it is showing an IP related to the VPN location i selected from that wireguard configurator. Does that mean everything for VPN is setup and fully running? I tried a test Ubuntu torrent and it peaked at around 80MB/s which seems pretty good for my gig connection. I want to make sure my torrent client is bound so that there is no IP leakage. When I googled this, people universally recommended that I need to go into Qbittorrent settings -> advanced -> network interface and select the VPN interface to permanently bind it. Does anyone know which one I need to select (i see "lo", "wg0" and "eth0")? Or is this automatically already done via the container and I don't need any further tweaking to prevent ip leakage (I saw a reddit comment here referencing iptables saying it's already "implemented")
  12. Could someone tell me how I can setup Windscribe VPN with this container? I'm a bit confused as I see the template having Key 4: PIA, AirVPN, Custom and Key 5: openVPN / wireguard. I heard Wireguard is the optimal protocol for speed, do i need to just put in my windscribe username/password in Key 2 (vpn username) and key 3 (vpn password) and select wireguard? Also how do i enable the client to exclusively use VPN i.e. bind the qbit client to the adapter with VPN? I believe this is separate from "kill switches" built into the VPN itself. I want to make sure there's no possibility of leakage of IP
  13. If you want PlexTraktSync to watch / actively scrobble, are you meant to add "watch" to either your container template post argument or as a separate line in the script? Referencing this part of the setup I have a cron setup as custom at 4a daily (0 4 * * *): #!/bin/bash docker start PlexTraktSync