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  1. do you know the command to change username's password, i see "" and ""
  2. ah i see. sorry i totally missed that post. do you know the name of the default user if i want to use the command to change the password via that command; is it "root"? or do you recommend setting up a completely separate user and leaving the default as is? docker exec -it rtorrent /home/nobody/ <username to create> <password for the user> docker exec -it rtorrent /home/nobody/ <username to delete>
  3. Bump - is there any way to create salted web UI logins instead of exposing username/password through the template?
  4. is there any downside to setting this up as a variable? I asked this question in the LinuxServer discord channel and i got a stern, resounding "wtf are you doing, that's a very stupid thing to do" response, as if i was committing arson. I'm not sure what the downside of setting these permissions are, does it mess with the Linux file system or something else I can't think of?
  5. does anyone know for deemix, how to enable a universal ARL so that different browsers accessing the container web GUI don't have to repeatedly enter ARL in the GUI settings upon launch?
  6. hi all- I have linuxserver qbittorrent docker downloading files to my Downloads user share (which has SMB read/write access setup correctly to my Windows VM). When I try to edit said downloaded files in that Share in Windows SMB, it gives me the error "You require permission from Unix User\nobody to make changes to this file". Is this maybe related to the qBt docker not giving proper permissions for full read/write to files being created through it? If so, is there something I need to do to the docker container template / actual config files to enable this? I need it specifically for some post-processing that a Windows program does to downloaded files, which I can't do otherwise through Krusader etc. (normally, I use Krusader to otherwise move/copy files instead of SMB). The only thing I was able to find online so far is someone on this forum recommending to set extra parameters of the qBt container to "-e UMASK_SET=000". Does this sound right / is it safe? I ask because I'm seeding tons of files and don't want to mess up anything by hastily setting a parameter that I'm not 100% familiar with.
  7. Hello - i'm having this issue as well with files downloaded from the qbittorrent docker / any files modified from sonarr/radarr etc. What do i need to do to the docker template to enable SMB ability for full read/write permissions? Sorry for beginner question but specific command would be appreciated as i didn't fully understand the readme links above the above is the same issue i'm facing, but i need to be able to access write capabilities through SMB due to specific Windows programs that i use in this User Share after files are downloaded.
  8. Hello - i successfully installed the Windows 11 VM but haven’t been able to figure out how to automatically sleep/hibernate the VM so that my server resources can be freed up for other uses when I’m not actively accessing the VM. Is there such a setting available either within Unraid or Windows VM itself (i.e. After 30 mins of inactivity, the VM either sleeps or hibernates)? The goal is simply to prevent power usage + free up my RAM/CPU/disk usage when i’m not actually using the VM. After i’ve figured out the above - the next thing i want to figure out is how to then wake up the machine again using my remote desktop software (Anydesk). I believe Anydesk has the ability to send a WOL packet, but i want to first figure out how to sleep the VM before i do this next step.
  9. awesome looking forward to it. Thanks for being so responsive to user feedback
  10. do people generally use remote tunneled access or remote access to LAN if they want an always-on connection from their iOS device to access their server / apps / pihole adblocking etc.? and also - does anyone know what kind of battery life impact having an always-on wireguard VPN (with either access to lan or remote tunneled access option) would have on a typical iPhone 11 / 12 etc.?
  11. I’ve noticed that docker folders on the dashboard has a GUI issue where the icons start mis-aligned when you load the dashboard page on any zoomed out / smaller resolution screen (for example, below is my iPad). Happens on iPhone safari mobile as well. Is there something internally to fix this? Would love to make it look consistent with desktop since I typically am accessing unraid from my iPad when away from my desk.
  12. Bump re- establishing password for web UI without exposing it in docker template plaintext
  13. Is there no alternate way to add password that doesn't get exposed via plaintext? this thread below seems to mention that you can edit a file with a salted password, wasn't sure if binhex's container also had the same option.
  14. How to change the Web UI username / password to something other than the default? I imagine it can't be through the docker template since i don't want my password being stored as a plain text file in the template?