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  1. Flex ATX - Silverstone SST-FX350-G 80-Plus Gold, 350W $85.77 at time of posting. Seems reasonable to me, bought it & happy with it so far. It is smaller (less deep) than most 1U / Flex ATX PSUs out there. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07QGMX5DW
  2. MSI B550 Mortar - I hope it doesn't Grenade. *Badum-Tss (oh marketing ...)
  3. Thanks Chris. Another thing for me to look into. I'll get back to my unit again next week. My new network closet needs some more love first, like permanent power from the ceiling instead of a temp. feed.
  4. This is a great thread. Maybe a bit late for me as I am already pretty committed to using a QNAP TS-879 Pro but the unit is not fully setup and things could go South. Thanks for the added confidence. Is this regarding fan control from the BIOS, or from within Unraid? I have some control over the fans on my unit in the BIOS. Awesomeness! I planned to look into this lateron but looks like the initial lifting has already been done. I briefly had Win10 running on the system just to poke around - there it was an issue. It's not replicated with Unraid. (HW differs between our boxes though.) No answer to your issue. Before starting with Unraid, I removed my DOM. It was sitting on a USB 2.0 header, secured with a glob of sticky compound and a plastic clip.
  5. Thanks, I added the the HGST 7k6 to the selection as well. After WD acquired Hitachi, I wrote off the HGST brand for a while, thinking it's second tier compared to the WD models competing for the same market segments.
  6. I have to purchase at a minimum two additional 8TB drives for my 1st unraid setup. In the past I bought 2x 6TB and 2x 8TB WD Gold drives - mainly because of feedback and reputation as well as my experience with drives from their Black series prior. Looking around now, I find that (on paper) the Toshiba MG drive series pretty appealing. MG Series Specsheet (SAS drives on top, SATA drives are in the bottom) Their price point is also competitive - 8TB: Toshi $187 vs WD Gold $240ish. Toshiba's market share is small compared to WD and Seagate. There is feedback but I maybe some from this community here can chime in - hopefully with positives.
  7. Soon to be available (I'm moving HDDs from this case to my new unraid system). Chenbro SR107 with 2x 84H210710-104 - 4-bay, 3.5" Hot-swap, w/4-port 12Gbps mini-SAS HD Backplane, SR107/108 (under accessories in case link above) 1x SK32303 - 3-bay 3.5" HDD Enclosure with 12Gb/s SAS & SATA Backplane A rather voluminous, traditional, heavy, no frills, very sturdy steel case. It's similar to the expensive Supermicro cases with 8x hotswap trays but is wider. They now offer the SR107 PLUS and I cannot see any differences. Fits pretty much any size motherboards, any size CPU cooler and the three 12cm fans keep the contents cool as well. It can be converted into a 5u rackmountable case. I have never looked into this and it is too deep to use it in this way in my network closet. The side panels open from the front (after un-clipping the cover), which makes access when rack-mounted on sliding rails a lot easier. I spent $400 + tax for the combo. Asking $200, shipped.
  8. itimpi, thanks for the input on this, I may reconsider!
  9. Hi all, I'm working on my Unraid contraption right now. I have not touched NAS solutions before and was looking at the open source competition as well. I recently bought this at a local auction, cheap: QNAP TS-879 Pro After cleaning and function test I have upgraded CPU to an i7-2600S and memory is now 2x 8GB Kingston with ECC. (I am surprised & happy it is supported, original memory was regular). Right now my storage resides in a huge not so HTPC-like Chenbro case in the living room. The Unraid QNAP will sit in the network closet in the garage. The eight bays I plan to divvy up as follows: 2x parity, 1x cache, 5x storage. Questions: Any concerns regarding the hardware and a use-case that largely involves streaming? What is the best way to integrate the HDDs from my current setup? I plan to buy parity drives but will have to shuffle a lot of stuff if all my existing data HDDs to be added have to be empty - I am guessing the answer but a quick confirmation would be nice. Despite understanding the USB-boot, running in RAM concept I had a hard time getting over the thought of using a SSD (maybe on a USB adapter). Seems to be a somewhat common theme among some (new) users. Plan to use a Samsung BAR 32GB stick. Any concerns, or recommendations?