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  1. Turns out the CD Drive in the template got changed from SATA to IDE and not it seems to work find. I think it woulnt connect to the VNC because my server was being taxed pretty heaviliy with a parity check and the mover running.
  2. So I disabled the VM settings in order to delete the libvirt.img and once I restarted it libvirt was recreated. I have done that a few times. VNC now connects but the attached is what it shows.
  3. I am pretty new to unraid but I have searched high and low to and answer for this problem. I am having an issue with my windows VM after I messed up removing a cache drive that had some errors on it. I have deleted the libvirt file and the VM and the vdisk but now when I go to recreate the VM, VNC wont connect to it. And I don't think its just that it wont connect I don't think the VM even exists on the network as it doesn't show up in my routers DHCP table. I also have to force stop the VM because it wont stop on its own. I have attached the diagnostics and I would greatly appreciate any
  4. Hello I am working on setting up my first unraid server and I have been using qbittorrent with a proxy server from torguard for years now. Most of the apps seem to only support VPNs is there a way, that is not super complicated, to use the proxy server I already have with a bit torrent client on unraid?