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  1. Should we not be enabling this line? #docker exec $DOCKER_NAME dailyLog.sh # note: this is outdated > /dev/null If so, how do we get the stats to stay and not be wiped each day?
  2. I've done this but the new password only works until I restart the docker, then a random password is automatically being generated. Any ideas?
  3. Hi, late reply, but I ran into this exact problem today and found the fix. You need to go into 'Advanced View' of a new virtual machine, then change the BIOS to SeaBIOS. The default setting is OVMF and doesn't work. I've found that you can't change this setting on any existing virtual machines through unRAID, you can only set it to be what you want when you create a new one. Edit - I also had to set the "Primary vDisk Bus" to Sata, the default setting seems to be VirtIO which doesn't work.
  4. Any idea of how to do this? Normally I would just set the share export to be 'No', but the flash folder doesn't come up as a share under 'Shares'.
  5. I reinstalled Plex, same issue. In the end I had to just delete the config folders for Plex, then reinstall it. Now I have to set it all up again. Pain in the ass, but it is what it is.
  6. Any eta of when this Radarr docker will support a single movie folder for all movie media files?
  7. The same thing has happened to me. I upgraded Unraid from 6.2 to 6.3.3 yesterday, there was some updates waiting on my dockers (including Plex), and since then a very large chunk of my media won't play through Plex. On the Roku it just sits at 13%, on PC through a browser the circle loading wheel just goes around and around. No issues with the media when played through VLC on my PC. Suffice to say, Wifey not impressed. Gotta get this fixed.
  8. I think I figured it out. When I connected this morning the scheduler was working properly. Most of the time I'd connect in the afternoon and have a look, and it wasn't working then. So I thought it's likely to be a time issue, and it turns out the timezone was set incorrectly in Unraid, which I assume Deluge is basing the scheduler off. I adjusted the timezone in Unraid, restarted Deluge, it's now almost midnight (local time) and the scheduler is still working properly.
  9. tried that, still not working, but thanks anyway.
  10. Has anybody had an issue with the scheduler being unreliable in Deluge? The issue has been happening for a while. I have the normal and throttled hours/speeds set up correctly, sometimes Deluge will limit the torrents speeds when it should and other times it won't. Like right now, I have two torrents downloading, and every day between the hours of 7am till 11pm they should be throttled (it's 9:40pm right now), but it's happily downloading at my global download speed, not my throttled one. I love this plugin and it works perfectly for everything else, but this scheduler issue is doing my head in.