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  1. Sorry I got impatient. I went with restoring the 6.9.1 backup, and upgrading it. I figured it was the safer option. It seems to have gone smoothly! UI is back. Fingers crossed that's the end of it! Thanks all for the advice.
  2. I have good news: new flash drive is here Bad news: I can't copy the entire contents off the original flash drive I guess this confirms there are some i/o issues with the original flash drive. But what should I do now? I managed to get a partial copy of the files off the original flash drive, it seemed to copy ok until about 96% (according to windows file transfer), it got to nmap-7.8.0-x86_64-3.txz and then seemed to error. I have tried again, and it errored after only 8% and on different files. Perhaps it's literally in the process of breaking down. I also have a flash drive backup zip file that I downloaded from unraid UI before the upgrade to 6.9.2. It appears to be complete and is v6.9.1. I don't think the configuration of the server has changed (at least not significantly) since then, other than the upgrade to v6.9.2. Certainly i have not changed any disk array configuration etc. (I also use the backup plugin to auto-backup the flash drive contents to a folder on the server. But when I try and download those files from the server via SSH, the server crashed. So i assume that's not an option). So, my question is should I choose to use the old 6.9.1 backup, or the 6.9.2 incomplete copy? I assume if i use the 6.9.1 backup I will then have to upgrade again to 6.9.2 once it's up and running. Is there anything else I need to consider? Otherwise, my plan would be to use the unraid USB media creation tool to set up the new USB stick as a fresh 6.9.2 install, then overwrite the critical config files from the incomplete copy off the original flash dirive. The risk here is knowing what the critical config file are, and if i can trust them to not be corrupted. Expert advice much appreciated here! Thanks!
  3. I gotta say, i am a bit skeptical that the USB drive would be the cause of this. It's only supposed to read the flash drive at bootup right? Not sure why would it stop the page loading
  4. I've ordered a new USB drive, will try it tomorrow.
  5. Thanks. I shut down the server and moved the flash drive to a USB2 port. It has made no difference it seems. Should i try replacing the flash drive? It has been in there a few years now, do they wear out? If so, how do you do this without the GUI? I obviously can't "click the backup" button like the guide says. Is there a way to trigger a backup from the command line?
  6. ok righto, here it is
  7. Sorry i should have mentioned i have tried it already in firefox and chrome, and with adblock disabled. The blue icon is just a password manager. Thanks though. Looking in debug, it seems the page just doesnt load properly.
  8. Unraid v6.9.2, has been working fine since the upgrade, but today I noticed that I could no longer access the web interface. I can log in without issue, but after logging in, only the top banner of the UI loads. It takes a long time to "finish" loading, but never does. Everything below the banner is blank. All pages are the same. In the background it seems that storage shares, Docker services, VMs etc all still seem to be running fine. I can get to the terminal over SSH. I've tried a couple of reboots (using the ssh terminal). But its not helped. Any ideas what to do? Cheers!
  9. Hello Hmm, ok the problem with that is that the issue seems to happen randomly. I dont know what triggers it, and it happens maybe once a month or so. The server is doing stuff - I can't realistically leave it with everything disabled for a month or whatever in the hope that it breaks. Is there no way to look at those logs etc and try and give a better indication of what to start with? Thanks
  10. Hello I posted about this here: But nobody replied and Limetree support said start a new thread, so here we go. Every so often, maybe once a month my server just seems to get messed up. Looking in the GUI the CPU maxes out (not on all cores), docker containers are unresponsive, memory seems to be all used up. I am just doing a reboot when i notice that it's happened. but obviously this is a crappy workaround. Diagnostics zip attached. Can anyone help? Screenshot of top when its happening:
  11. Hello, Just to chime in, I am also occasionally having this issue i think. CPU maxes out (not on all cores), docker containers become unresponsive, memory seems to be all used up. I am just doing a reboot when i notice that it's happened. but obviously this is a crappy workaround. Does anyone have any working solution? Cheers!