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  1. I'm very new to Unraid but I recently set up a Unraid server with the below hardware: ASUS B450-F AMD Ryzen 1600 32 GB Ram P400 GC LSI Controller Cache Drive - 1 TB M.2 Parity Drive - 10 TB Ironwolf Pro 7200 RPM Storage Drives: 1 x 10 TB Ironwolf Pro 7200 RPM 3 x 8 TB WD 5400 RPM (old external drives) I am running version 6.9-rc2 due to graphics card support. I have the following Dockers installed and running: Jackett Sonarr Radarr rTorrentVPN Plex My issue is when I'm watching a video on Plex it just stops loading and gets a connection issue. The first time it happened was while I was downloading something. I stopped that download and continued to watch my show and it happened again. I normally sit at around 50% cpu usage now with downloads happening. I'm wondering if the Ryzen 3900 that I just purchased will possibly fix some of these issues or if I need to fix something else.
  2. To be able to see Step 9 it required me to start the VM then shutdown. I could then see the XML page. Thanks for the help. It works great.