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  1. Hey Binhex, thanks for the help. Changing the IP range solved my issues and im able to setup Plex w/o any problems.
  2. ohh... hmmm, interesting. I'll try and redefine the IP based on those ranges and report back. I had Plex working before on my Win 10 PC using the same IP range. I guess for UnRAID, non-routable IP range is a must?
  3. Im having problems setting up binhex plex pass on my server. My server LAN IP is Every time i try to access the local IP:32400 within my network, it redirects to plex.tv and i have to login with my credentials. And when i log in, i cant see my server media files. Even if i go to settings, nothing shows up. Just this: And im pretty sure i setup the docker correctly: My TV/movies are under /mnt/user/Media/TV Shows, /Movies, etc. I even unplugged my router from the internet, try to login to my server's local IP and it keeps saying unable to connect to plex.tv. I have used 2 different computers to access and same error. Unable to connect to plex.tv. Temp turned off windows firewall and same issue. Am i missing something here? Did i miss a step when installing the repository?
  4. Hey guys, I have updated to the new version a few days ago and seems like ive been locked out of Web UI. So removed it and re-installed the docker assuming that ill be starting over again. But my computer ( has been denied access. So i went into Krusader and looked at the SABNZBD.ini file and noticed that the host IP ( and Port (8080) are different from my previous setup. So i switch to my previous server IP ( and restart SABNZBD. Im still getting denied access on my computer. Did i make the correct steps on fixing this? Or is there something else i should be looking at? Edit: For anyone that has the same problem like mine, user on reddit pointed me on the right direction. I had to modify the .ini file and put the IP range ( under local_ranges to solve the issue.
  5. Hey guys, Ive having issues finding my UnRaid Plex server to show up in my Plex account. I can login to the local.ip:32400/web address and i can even use plex.tv to authenticate my local.ip server. But when i go to settings, i don't see my UnRaid server at all. However, if i install PMS on my HTPC (Win 10), i can login to the htpc.IP:32400/web and authenticate that server. And i can see it in my plex.tv account and claim it. When i go to the settings, i can set up the HTPC. I can't do that with my UnRaid Plex server however. Ive been trying to figure this out for the last few days and im at lost. Did i miss a step installing the binhex_plexpass?