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  1. Running Chevereto on UNRAID utilising MariaDB. Any time i do a container update it looses my image mapping see below. I've restored mariaDB and cheverto from backup, looked at the config file cannot get the images\photos to show up.
  2. I fixed it.. i was being too specific with my container locations. if i use /mnt/ i can navigate to /mnt/remotes/ etc... so i can choose this location.
  3. Hi there, I'm trying to backup my docker containers from one Unraid server to another. but i can't seem to configure this at all in duplicati. i guess i'm just trying to get a concrete answer. can Duplicati backup to a remote destination via SMB or NSF? I've got the UNRAID NAS mounted through unassigned drives & unassigned drives plus. but you cannot navigate to this location in duplicati. please see my crude drawing and example.
  4. Hi There, I cannot get Piwigo 2.10.2 working at all. I have tried a MySQL docker DB, and now a mariadb, it will not connect to the database. i've tried different IPs, Ports, created databases, users, tested a telnet to the db, no problems. but i am met with "Cannot connect to server" on every attempt. i am assuming that cannot connect to server means it cannot connect to the database. tried or Edit: Fixed it, it was a permission issue. I used the root user and pass and was able to install piwigo