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  1. I run on 48GB for the time being, migrated my stuff from proxmox to pretty much docker containering and that works nice, still having some issues here and there to fully understand the unraid architecture from the getgo but getting along with it nicely. As others have said before: in terms of pure storage performance other systems maybe faster but here I am looking to the overall solution which grants all possibilities to me in a single box, my overall rating for Unraid is great! I was able to consolidate 3 physical boxes into one which I was after to begin with
  2. Problem is solved. now the export/import works, not straightforward but with as little config as possible. Here is a little howto in case somebody else needs it. a) Create a backup from ncp and nextcloud as such, you will receive a ncp-config_xxyyzzzz.tar and a nextcloud-bkp.....tar.gz b) scp both files to a share/folder on your unraid via dockercli c) on the new machine install nextcloudpi container as usual from scratch with all needed settings. Start the container, activate Nextcloud d) use dockercli from the newly created container and scp the backupfiles back to your /data directory e) install vim with apt install vim in the dockercli f) edit the ncp-restore file which is located in /data/bin and comment the line that says "grep -q -e ext -e btrfs <( stat -fc%T "$TMPDIR" ) || { echo "Can only restore from ext/btrfs filesystems" >&2; exit 1; }" I have found the solution from here: g) perform Ncp-Import pointing to the file you have copied in d) h) perform a nexctcloud restore pointing to the larger backupfile done
  3. Hi, I use unraid since a few months now, moved to unraid from proxmox and some freenas systems in order to consolidate some of my it boxes. I used to have nextcloud on proxmox lxc but now fell in love with nextcloudpi. I barely hold real data in there since I map the home share of each user into it, but calendar, contacts and stuff stays within. Now I would like to move the hole container to a different host, since my first unraid host is getting pretty slowish and I look for an upgrade of the HW. I have already a second machine in place which could do a temporary hosting of this container, also already moved all other containers successfully, its just this container which does not seem to want to be migrated over. The database goes nuts until I restored all permissions manually and then oc handler crashes, so I decided to opt for a new install which worked flawlessly. I used the backup function of the ncp panel and exported the backups to an unraid share. I deployed a new ncp container and tried to restore the nextcloud backup from the unraid share: Can only restore from ext/btrfs filesystems the unraidshare is btrfs and mounted into the container. The ncp config has been restored successfully though. Is there a way to cope with this since I would need this task at least 2 more times in the near future? Thankfully there is a workaround to do this manually, not more then 2 hours of clicking and such, but I would appreciate more if would work this way by exporting the nc config from one host and importing it to another and voila, at least all users should be there, that would already help a lot. Thanks