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  1. Thank you @John_M I will give it a try. So when I want both (Unraid Server and macOS VM) to be connected via 10 GbE, I need tow separate NICs, right?
  2. Yes, the NIC is natively supported in macOS. I have them running in my MacPro 5.1 and in a Hackintosh. No driver needed as it is the same chip as in the iMac Pro models (Aquantia).
  3. Hi everyone, I'm not that experienced with Unraid. Installed it a couple of days ago for the first time and at the moment I just play around with it. So please forgive me, if I explain things a little bit complicated and maybe not use the right terms. At the moment, I just try to get my head around all that new and exciting possibilities with Unraid. I installed Catalina on my Unraid Server, following the excellent tutorial from @SpaceInvaderOne. Everything went smooth and it runs fine. No I would like to passtrough my second network interface which is a QNAP QXG-10G1T 10 GbE NIC. Can someone guide me in the right direction? Thanks!
  4. Thanks @ljm42 and @itimpi. I will give it a try.
  5. Hi everyone, New Unraid user here. I'm a video editor and I normally work on a QNAP TVS-872XT NAS with 80 TB of storage and three Mac and Windows clients. All is connected over 10GbE. The main reasons I went with the QNAP was simplicity and speed. It worked great for over a year but a couple of days ago, the mainboard died and I had to RMA the unit. Due to several backups, no data was lost but I have to wait 15-30 days until the unit comes back from repair... quite annoying. So I thought, why not trying Unraid. If everything goes well, this will be my new main Backup Server for all my video data. I played around with it the last few days, watched all the Spaceinvader One tutorials and so far I'm really impressed with the simplicity and functionality of Unraid. My Array currently contains 3 x 10 TB IronWolf disks and the cache pool is build with 2 x 1 TB Samsung 860 SSDs. I will add a few more 10 TB drives in the future. I have installed a QNAP 10 GbE NIC which also works well. Now to my actual question: I also have a bunch of old harddrives (500 GB / 1 TB / 2 TB / 4 TB) that I would like to use as an Archive drive for old projects and to store data that is not that important. I'm aware, that I could just add these drives to the main array but I guess this has a negative impact on read/write speeds or am I wrong? The 10 TB IronWolf disks are quite fast but I guess when I mix them with old drives, it decreases the performance of the Array. Please correct me, if I am wrong. I have learned, that I can't have two independent Arrays in Unraid. So I thought about running an additional Unraid Installation as a VM on the main Unraid Sever and create my Archive drive on the VM Unraid Server. Would that be possible and does that make sense?